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This project aim is to create something as close as possible to a Blizzlike expansion for World of Warcraft using client version 7.3.5.

Reign of Ysera was first worked on as a concept for version 3.0.3 and developed later on on version 3.3.5. After it was canceled due to a lost of interest I've decided to work on it as a side project in order to try the possibilities of the new clients.

This expansion works as an alternative to Warlords of Draenor and Legion, where after defeating Garrosh in the Siege of Orgrimmar the power of the hearth of Y'shaarj awakens the Emerald Nightmare.

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    Garrison development

    The main hub in Reign of Ysera is an instanced map serving as a Garrison. This place will be the only more or less safe place inside of the Emerald Nightmare and it will be used to launch all the attacks on the Nightmare. Instead of the reduced Garrison in Draenor this is a bigger instanced zone where no other players will be seen, however it holds both Alliance and Horde forces as well as Neutral allies.
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