Battlecraft: Is going to be a fully customized experience that will use PvPvE elements.  Environment, items and more will be fully custom. The plan was to use Wintergrasp as a custom zone for PvPvE content up to level 20 and then progress to another zone. After a few failed attempts to customize Wintergrasp I'm now in the process of recreating the layout of Wintergrasp in a new custom zone made from scratch. This way the zone will most likely be error free and opens up a lot of possibilities with customizing the environment.

Key features:
- Area in which you can PvP & PvE.
- Max level 45
- Low stat gear,  possibly lower stat than Blizzlike (not sure yet)
- Item upgrade system (6 upgrade stages)
- 1 mob can drop 200+ different items depending on the mobs level - For example - [Mighty Shoulderpads] can have 6 str & 4 stam with 8 CRIT while the next drop of  [Mighty Shoulderpads] can have 4 stam & 6 str with 15AP
- Each level of mobs will have a rare boss, this will not be soloable from the start. You will require a group to clear those bosses.
- Party group will be awarded extra XP while in groups.
- Mobs will be quite easy the first 5 levels. However, HP and damage will increase heavily after you hit 5+. You can still solo the mobs but it will take some time, a group will be able to take these down much faster.
And much much more to come..

- Valeguard will be the first zone you spawn in. Both factions have their own "mall". In the mall you will be able to get quests, upgrade gear or socialize before you head out to slay your foes.
- Valeguard will be very similar to Wintergrasps map layout, just without the Wintergrasp PvP functions.
- In Valeguard you will be able to hit level 20.
- Valeguard will be the first zone released. Once the playbase has reached the end of Valeguard and completed the final dungeon it will unlock a teleport to the second zone. This teleport will only be available in the mall for the faction that has reached the end of Valeguard.
And much much more to come..

The project will be updated on the fly once new progress has been done to the map. If you think this project seems interesting, you are most welcome to apply for a developer position in our Discord

The server is up and running on a VPS server during development and will be paid by me. I do not plan to pay for any development help for the time being.

Current state of Valeguard: (Under heavy development + the newly created swamp in the background)





Discord is updated more frequently.


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30 minutes ago, Zebrech said:

Wow isn't that the battleground systems of dark age of camelot ? :) If you need help ask me !

I've never thought about that but hey, it does sound familiar ^^ 
You just gave me some new ideas for the server hehe 
Hop on the discord channel and we can discuss  https://discord.gg/YwuK4ya

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