We seek to develop the essential 'meta' of the game in order to deliver a whole new experience for Wow fans who are fed up with Blizzard. Those who have grown tired of the abysmal state of the game in Retail, and also those who do not want to repeat the same old Classic content.

Bare in mind that although we do plan to return to level 60, this is by no means a 'Vanilla+' or even a 'Wrath+' project. We want to provide a different experience of the game altogether by fundamentally redesigning certain elements of the game, whilst bringing back the same elements that made it enjoyable to begin with. In a sense you could say this is a custom expansion, an alternate post-Wrath timeline where the Cataclysm never happened.

With fresh content that is also enjoyable, there will initially be no 'minmaxing' and more emphasis on discovery and questing. The importance of the community will return and the world will feel new again. With new content also comes a refreshing new outlook based upon the old Classic world. 
We also plan to support RP in a sense that doesn't necessarily affect the PvE balance of game itself, but rather works around the PvE elements of the game to create a realistic and rewarding RP experience. Rather, GMs and players will be able to initiate their own RP events in the open world and use their own decided rules to dictate RP player combat whilst also using their PvE skills to defend against hostile NPCs in areas outside of hubs.

What we are looking for:

Server Manager

  • To help with hosting, building the server core, maintaining the server, enabling developers' access and ensuring it all runs smoothly.
  •  Skills: Hosting, Knowledge of TrinityCore 3.3.5a setup and configuration, bit of  C++, Eluna, MySQL, DB Admin and Server Networking Skills

Deputy Admin

  • Help me run things in general on the server and respond to staff/player requests so I can still have a day job😅
  •  Skills: Knowledge of TrinityCore, MySQL, MPQs, Community Skills


  • Server Team:
  • To code new content into the server core and ensure it performs efficiently in a live scenario.
  • Skills: Lua, C++, MySQL, TrinityCore
  • Work with the world builders and client team to integrate new content into the serverside.
  • Client Team:
  • To help rebuild the world and design new areas for content. 
  • Skills: Fundamentals of MPQ patches. How to design custom content.
  • NOTE: We are mainly looking for world builders, which requires knowledge of Noggit!
  • Work with the serverside team to help integrate new content into the serverside.


  • Community Team:
  • Skills: Discord, website and forum management. Good interpersonal skills!
  • To effectively manage the server community and ensure a positive experience for players.


  • To test the alpha/beta builds of the custom content and report any inconsistencies.
  • Skills: Deep knowledge of Wow gameplay. How to use a simple ticketing/bug report system

We don't want to release too many details about the project until it is ready for previews. We have an Alpha patch ready to be tested!

For more information, contact me on Discord:
Alternatively you can join the project using the button above

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