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Will flesh this out a bit more at some point, but for now it's not high on my todo list :P 

The game is based off 3.3.5a client.


- One of the most modified games in wow modding history

- Our own stat, path and jutsu progression system

- Whole naruto replica map

- Hundreds of jutsu, items, missions, etc

- Custom character models and 3d gear (Not shitty wow 2d bs)

- There are loads more features but I cba to list them all. If your interested in our features, just jump in game, the client is only 1.5GB 👍



- New Rain village

- Whole map redesign

- Fully collision based combat

- Hand seal system (Key combinations and combos to cast)

- UI rehaul

- Intro islands

- Custom arena system

+ Lots more


Media Sneak Peak:








Feel free to add me on discord if your interested in helping out: will0x539#8446

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