Revolutionary Blender import/export addon and extensive toolkit for World of Warcraft M2 and WMO (World Map Object) model files.

Continually developed by @Skarn This project page is run by @Смердокрыл.

Early alpha presentation (recorded stream):


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  2. In this video I am showing the progress on porting the addon to Blender 2.8. As you can see, everything renders fine and even better than in 2.79. The feature I demonstrate is intended for fast material assigning resolving extra difficulty brought into this process in Blender 2.8 with texfaces (blender internal textures) being gone. P.S.I got back to developing WBS actively in the middle of june. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. No ETA for realease yet.
  3. Oh sorry then ! I tought it because there were no new updates . Get better and good luck with the project ! Well, you can donate him.
  4. i will send u 500 kg diazepam plz finish this bro. we all count on u.
  5. Who said that? It is not canceled but delayed due to my health condition.
  6. I am sad that it got cancelled.
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