We're looking for help with the Project! If you're interested, please look at the team positions available at the bottom of the text.


Prophecy RP is at its core is a fantasy roleplaying experience using the World of Warcraft platform.
Our goal is to tell the story of Warcraft III and beyond. Players will have the ability to alter some pieces of the story through their interactions with the world and its inhabitants. All without cost and without material incentives.

The goal of the Prophecy RP Team is to provide an exciting and thought-provoking roleplaying experience to our players. Players unfamiliar with Warcraft will have available resources to get acquainted with the Warcraft universe. That way players new and old can experience what we have to offer.

Prophecy RP was founded in 2017 from former members of the Project Chaos team. Through trials and tribulations, we maintain a dedicated, talented, and ambitious team of Warcraft Modders who work together towards a common goal.

We have additional features planned, however, we require more competent Developers to meet our ambitious goals.




The Fall of Lordaeron is the current plot focus on Prophecy RP. Our plot begins a few weeks before the Third War and takes place in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms. All areas of the Northern Eastern Kingdoms will be overhauled and redesigned, including custom assets and modified locations in the world. We give extra attention to detail and include some of the smallest references from the lore in our world-building. If you see something we've missed let us know!

Races relevant to the Northern Eastern Kingdoms will be present and playable including... Humans, High Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Forest Trolls, Goblins, and Ogres.

Players will have the ability to take part in every area of the story, from being a Necromancer in the Cult of the Damned to joining Arthas on his campaign in Northrend. However, all players are required to obtain these positions through roleplay.

Players will also have the ability to alter some pieces of the story. While players won't be able to do ridiculous feats like defeating Thrall in a duel, players will be able to alter the strings of fate on smaller scale means. Including, changing the outcome of battles in the story or preventing/causing the death of certain characters.




Currently, the Fall of Lordaeron plot focus is heavily under development and we do not have a release date. We aim to take our time to give our team and the players a well-developed world. We take pride in our work, and hope you will enjoy what we create!

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We're looking for help with the Project! If you're interested, please look at the team positions available below.

3D Artists (Experience with Blender necessary, we use Blender to M2/WMO exporter for assets)

  • These users create assets necessary for The Fall of Lordaeron's world.
  • Contact: Lorewalker#3992

World Builders (Experience with Noggit required)

  • These users build and design levels within The Fall of Lordaeron's world.
  • Contact: Lorewalker#3992

World Decorators (Experience with the World of Warcraft decoration necessary, evidence of work will be necessary to apply)

  • These users decorate the interiors of structures and/or minor exterior design. These users in essence bring the world to life through attention to detail.
  • Contact: Lorewalker#3992

Developers (Experience with TrinityCore and/or Linux libraries and/or Web Development necessary)

  • These users design/program systems necessary for the server's functionality, reliability or to simply add 'life' to the server. 
  • Contact: Skarn#6841

Multimedia Artists (Experience with video editing necessary)

  • These users will design and orchestrate promotional or explanatory videos related to The Fall of Lordaeron
  • Contact: Valaryon#0001

Dungeon Masters (Experience with creative writing necessary and/or history of  'Dungeon Master' experience necessary)

  • These users will orchestrate and execute storylines within the story of Warcraft III and its possible sub-plots. These users will be using creative writing for pre-release content
  • Contact: Scottaroo#8319

System Designers (Experience with documenting and orally detailing systems necessary)

  • These users will document and conceptualize systems to bring interesting life and elements to the Project. (i.e. RPG Combat System, Blacksmithing Profession, Farming Profession, etc.)
  • Contact: Scottaroo#8319

If you don't fill any of these skills but still believe you could be helpful to the Project don't hesitate to contact us!


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