Lordaeron Completion Project

Ever since Burning Crusade launched, it's annoyed me how Silvermoon, Eversong, Ghostlands, and Zul'aman were located on a different server than the Eastern Kingdoms.  It was just shoddy work - Deatholme would have been on top of Stratholme and Zul'aman looks like it should be in the ocean.  So, I am finally embarking on a WoW Modding journey to fix this problem.

The project includes all this:

- Adding Lake Abasi and the Greenrush River

- Adding the rest of the troll empire beyond Zul'aman based closely on the detailed map of Lordaeron by Kuusinen

- Connecting Zul'aman to Ghostlands properly (It's roughly connected in game)

- Adding farms in Northern Lordaeron (based on the 'Northern Vassals' I've seen mentioned in some game materials)

- Extending the pass between EPL and Ghostlands across the Greenrush River

- Bringing Stratholme into the Overworld  (Still intended to be on fire)

Unfortunately, I have no plans to fix Silvermoon or the Sunwell at this time.  That's probably beyond my skill.  I'm also not planning to do questing or content beyond M2s/WMOs.  Maps and terrain are my passion, not content and questing.

This project will be going pretty slow since I'm doing it alongside a full time job and raising kids.  Who knows, maybe Blizzard will beat me to the punch in the end.

If anyone wants to contribute content  (Especially stuff related to Stratholme, or if someone feels like doing Silvermoon or Sunwell), I'd welcome it.  Contact me if you're interested.

I plan to make the files available to the community upon completion, but I would ask that people just attribute it to me if used (if I ever get it finished).


Here's a few very early screens:



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