Welcome to World of Warcraft Improved Models mod. Azeroth new reborn state which adds a new view and more enjoyable gameplay with the update models version of the game. My point was to update the game as much as i could with the new models introduced in the latest game expansions and replace those old crusty models of the past without ruining the feel of old classic wow.

How to install:

  1. Download first all 8 parts, its in a compressed 7zip file,
  2. Put it where ever you like and extract it by right clicking the .001 file and choose to extract, so it will give you the patch file
  3. Move the file under Data Warcraft folder, I.e : [C:\WoW game folder\Data ],
  4. Delete your WDB cache folder [it is suggested to delete often]
  5. Balsh character models mod [STAND ALONE version is not compatible with mine anymore!


Video tutorial and quick view by Frostadamus:


Improved Models v1.3 : 

Main mod : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RQa_dZGtKQcXo_q5L7nCgcrHR9_aH1yQ (Balsh character models are merged)

Alternative Mods :


I hope you like and enjoy my project and if you like you can support me, if you wanna go that way then click the button KjR9bFO.png

So here we are after a long journey that finally ends. I enjoy the trip to the newly modding ground as WoW offers. I want to thank many modders here in the modeling community that help me to overpass many weird things as also to learn many new things in the area of wow modding. Also want to thank in advance Koward for his awesome work in his tool. Many thanks to Nanoxo,Mumblz, Finsternis for their additions in the texture area as also Exonis for some model fix additions to the BETA and Magnifican for the last final tests and suggestions.

That's all, enjoy Azeroth to its new look and feel!

Uthil out!

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    1. After release updates - Patch 1.0

      There was some minor bugs found after release and thanks to many people reporting them, so  i could fasttrack them and apply a fix .

      Keep reporting in case you find something weird but also check if this was already reported or fixed already.

      Critical :

      • Ouro's model attacks fixed (Now working - REPORT AGAIN IN CASE OF Α PROBLEM)


      Reported misbehaved models:

      1. Ohgan missing armor textures fixed [Raptor AQ boss]
      2. Berserk Owlbeast Creature missing textures fixed
      3. Frostsaber Pride watcher models fixed
      4. Princess Yauj, Lord Kri and Vem missing wings textures fixed
      5. Update Ouro's model to Cata


      Known Bugs :

      1. Under Shaman Ghostwolf form if you attack your weapons appear
      2. Some Fly path mounts cameras are off positions, like higher
      3. Gryphon model has a minor bug on attack and turns out funny

      Those unfortunately cant fixed made several tries but none worked. In case someone knows he can inform me and apply the fix.

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    2. Changes in the Final Release

      Fixes / Additions :

      1. Many fixes around creature / NPC models,
      2. Removed some older additions in BETA / Alpha,
      3. Added new models for Legendary/Epic weapons
      4. Some dbc entries cleaning
      5. Added some new creature sounds
      6. Returned to default state : Thrall model, Elemental models, Drake models


      Bat models went back to cata update, Stormwind fountain and general all fountains, Lich models

      Under WiP :

      Working the armor /weapons Patch [going to be released a few days after main mod]

      BETA Fixes & Additions album:


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    3. Changes in [BETA]

      What is changed so far:

      1. Game Music (City/Zones music from Cataclysm and upwards)
      2. Creature Models (as i said the 80% is changed)
      3. Spell effects and animations (including Enchants)
      4. Spell sounds (not all spells, tho some specific got used)
      5. Minor world changes (like lampposts, crates etc)
      6. Ambient Sound (and specially the rain sound which is replaced with a more realistic one)
      7. Some icons in the Character Creation UI
      8. Some weapons (Under WiP state, only Grand Marshal and Overlords Stave at the moment)
      9. Character login screens


      Under work progress:

      1. Character Models
      2. A small creature model variation to replace
      3. Some weapon variations
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