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    Version 1.0.0


    Shadow Storm stopped being developed around 2 years ago and it's really about time for us to share some of the unfinished works we did. This patch contains maps that were never finalized, if you want to use them you'll also need to work them directly. I would have loved to finish the work myself, but I have many other things to do and it's simply not worth my time anymore. In this patch you'll find : - Dalkannes Isles (Southern & Middle parts of the area are not finished. I would advise you to use BFA zandalari assets for it) - A basic design for Azjol'Nerub - Some random works on Elwynn forest, with a start of a HD version and a destroyed Northshire - And many smaller things we put in this patch. Just take anything you need from it, I didn't checked what was useful or not.
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    Our work on better RolePlaying of Stromgarde army. Created some shoulders for differentiation military ranks. Privates got default shoulders without styling. Corporals and Sergeants - Red Stripe Lieutenants - Red and Black Stripes Captains - Red and Gold Stripes Got also the "darkest" version of this armor for Stromgarde elite forces. For compare with our casual Stromgarde army equipment.
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    Hello, we are small team of modders, developing private RolePlaying servers. Ou stories are based every time on one simple location, becouse our community of RolePlayers is quite small and decent. Now we are working on new location and new story, the Stromgarde Reborn. Our story is somewhere between Wotlk and Cataclysm. Greymanes are still fighting worgens in their homeland, war in Northrend is over and Danath Trollbane returns from Outland to his beloved country and cousin Galen. With alliance hero and great general Danath at his side, prince Galen conquer the city of Stromgarde and defeat the Syndicate. Prince Galen, however, is not a good ruler. He is arrogant, inexperienced and has a passion for luxury. For wealth and his own pride he will do anything. And what happens when Danath Trollbane discovers the secret of King Thoras's death? Our map and modifications are still on begining, but we will post our progress. Showoff of our retexture work, on this picture is our city on very beggining.
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    So, now it works fine on the server side, but it's creepy on the client side. UI is still coded for some max rank limit, so... Do u have any idea, where is hidden the lua/xml code for edit this list in guild control? https://prnt.sc/mjuu7k It's the last, cosmetic step. Ranks work fine, with every functionality as usually. After I solve that cosmetic issue, i will release all of my code changes and cosmetic patch. Maybe it's useful for some RP projects with large RolePlaying guilds (that's the reason why we are modding this). After that modifications, u can have guilds with 30 ranks and more.
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    DOWNLOAD This is my collection of five animated login screens with custom music. A random screen will be chosen each time you launch WoW. Features Five animated login screens with music that are chosen at random. Dead King’s Crypt The Tauren Chieftains Battle at the Dark Portal Arcadia Algalon the Observer You can adjust how often a specific screen appears by editing the random value range. I currenly have Dead King’s Crypt loading 60% of the time because it’s my favorite. If you want one screen to show every time, just set the rand = X where X is a number in the range of the screen you want in x_vars_init. Trivia These were created manually because the Mordred tool wasn’t compatible with my other login screen modifications, and I wasn’t interested in trying to make it compatible at the time. For some reason, no matter what I did, the bassist in the Tauren Chieftains would not position correctly, so I added a crate to the scene to make it appear like he had his foot on it. \m/ ---------- - StygianCore - My WoW Projects - GitHub
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    Introduction Difficulty: Relatively easy Estimated time: 30 min - 1.5 h. Requires: Adobe Photoshop, MapTemplate.psd. Here is the example map that I am going to use as an example for the tutorial. The shape of the continent belongs to one Russian Minecraft project (Medieval Minecraft) and represents their world Asteros. I was too lazy to make something up on my own, so I decided to take this shape. I made this map in about one hour using a graphic tablet (can be also done without it), so it is not that complicated as it may look like. I created a new version of MapTemplate.psd based on the old one by Soldan and using the new WoW worldmap assets provided by Vellear. So, let's begin! Creation process Step 1. Getting the shape. Launch your Photoshop and open MapTemplate.psd. Choose the Ocean layer you prefer and make it visible (it may be with or without watermarks, I used the one without watermarks). Select the ground layer without making it visible. Now use the Lasso Tool (L) to paint the shape of your continent. You can also do it in many other ways, but the main point is to get a properly shaped selection on your canvas. Now switch to Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and right-click somewhere on the selected space. In the context menu choose "Layer Via Copy". Now you will get the continent shape displayed on a new layer. It may look a little unsatisfactory (such as having a lot of rubbish around, weird shapes and so on), so you can clean it and master the shape using Eraser tool (E). Here is what I got after cleaning and working on the shape: Step 2. Adding details. Now pic up small radius hard brush and use Eraser Tool to paint small rivers, lakes and other details involving the landscape. It is important to use hard brush because soft ones make bigger borders around themselves, so it does not look that good. For this task graphic tablet with pressure sensivity saves tons of time. Here is the result: Now it is time to add some mountains to your continent. Select the layer with the mountain pattern and scale it to fit the size of your continent. You can reduce layer trasparency to see the continent shape through it, so you can decide the average size of the mountains. Switch back to your continent layer and right click on it, choose "Select pixels". This will select your continent again. Get back to the mountain layer and press "Ctrl + Shift + I" in order to reverse the selection. Press delete. Now you have your continent entirely filled with mountains pattern. Use soft brush and Eraser Tool to get rid of the unnecessary mountains and blend them with the ground. You can also make a copy of the original mountain pattern and cut some bigger mountains from there. Be creative to make something interesting. Here is what I got very quickly. Let's finish the shore lines now when the mountains are done. Switch to your continent layer and select its pixels. Go to Selection - Modify - Expand and enter some value like 10 or 12. The space between expanded selection and your continent is going to be your shoreline (water shelf). It should look somewhat this way: Choose the Coast Line layer, select Rectangular Marquee Tool, right-click on selection and choose "Layer Via Copy" in the context menu. Now you will have your shore lines, though they would not look blizzlike. In order to fix that we need to change layer blending settings. So, double click on the little icon representing the layer in the layer manager. Set a check box to "Inner Glow" and choose the appropriate color. Now it is time to get some decorative lines, representing the sea waves or whatever Blizzard thinks they do. They really add much style to the map. Make the Sea Lines layer visible, select continent pixels, get back to lines layer and press "Delete". Now remove the unnecessary lines all over your map using soft brush and Eraser Tool. You can also slightly increase the opacity of the layer as the default one is not on max. It will get more of a Blizzlike feeling. Step 3. Coloring the map. This is basically all you need to do to get a Blizzlike continent. Though, as we are modders, we should improve something, not simply replicate what Blizzard do to their continents. Let's make the map more interesting by coloring different climate zones or something like that. In general, let's go from the boring parchment color theme to something more colorful. Make a backup of the continent and mountain layers. Set the brush mode to "Overlay". Now use soft brush and Brush Tool (B) to paint colors on the ground. Then do the same with the mountains if necessary. That's all. Don't hesitate to leave feedback about my tutorial in the comments
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    Fort Perenolde from the Prophecy RP Team. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!
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    Mereldar Monastery from the Prophecy RP Team. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!
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    Strahnbrad from the Prophecy RP Team. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!
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    Bonjour, bonsoir, salut et toutes les autres formes de salutation possible. Aujourd'hui en cette nuit des plus tardives et des plus sombres, nous créons un titre. L'insomniaque .. Et tout ça en vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvKcuQYCZMA Allez des bisous
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    Hello Model-Changers, this is a map made by me yesterday, it's not fully finished, but it shows much, it shows a hidden camp, inside a dark forest, couldn't yet name it. Hope you like it. P.S Textures made by hand.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I found it in my old computer, I don't really know what it contains but I'm sure it was made by SirFranc AND Stromgarde is in it, I'm 100% sure. This patch is useless for me and I know Sirfranc allowed this share, so I give it to you, maybe you'll find some interesting things