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    Version 1.0.0


    With the Wildstar Private Server project still in its birthing period and there being currently no other way to relive the now lost online game, I endeavored to bring some of that cartoon-ish flare to World of Warcraft, featuring Drusera - the protagonist of the series! This model contains a fully rigged character, from head to toe, and also some custom particles. I've tweaked the animations a tad so that she hovers when ready to attack (unarmed) and when casting. The model itself has been edited quite a bit to accommodate the vastly different Human animations that I wanted her to have, and as such she no longer has her trademark dress, ending up with her looking quite barren beyond the shirt. I really would like to fix this, but at the moment have no clue how I could incorporate the dress without completely changing the base animations. Her skin textures on the legs and arms are slightly translucent, and the model itself has the 'Unlit' renderflags due to the original character being pretty glowy herself. The particle effects in the screenshots are optional and as such are included as Spell effect models, so you can choose whether to include those. I did this because I feel the constant star effects aren't everyone's cuppa tea. I have included just the raw files - both the spell and the model/texture. Due to my vastly different DBCs, it'd be way more effort than it's worth to package it neatly into an MPQ for public consumption, but I'm assuming almost everyone here knows how easy it is to do themselves. The 'PurpleGhost' Spell is the star field you see around her in the screenshots, and the 'Crow' effect (replacing Atiesh's spell effect) is a periodic star effect that falls from the top of the character down to the ground. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Sidenote: At the moment, she is devoid of most of the Emote animations due to the model I rigged being Katherine Proudmoore from BfA, who seems to have had trouble during the downporting process and had all of her optional (such as the Emote and Work) animations ruined. This won't impact gameplay as I have replaced all the faulty animations with the 'Stand' animation to avoid crashing, and can be fixed if and once I can get my hands on a Katherine Proudmoore that doesn't have broken animations. Also I, personally, never intended her to have weapons because she was meant to be more like an NPC, so never got round to fixing the attachment positions. As a result, giving her weapons won't look appealing at all. If there's a legitimate outcry over this, I will change it.
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    Version 2.6.0


    Hello there So I got a bit bored while working with WoW Machinima Tool 2.5 done by amazingl Malu05 bcuz this tool is flipin damn helpful for doing various stuff but last version that Maul did was 2.5 which is crashing whenever you press any number on Numberic Keyboard (think the only exception was NumKey09) Well I picked up his code where he left it and fixed that issue so it does not crash anymore yay ! aim all creds to Maul that tool had like 15k lines of code i fixed around 20 lines only to make it working again Have a fun
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    hardcoded in exe set up some debugging and with a bit of a luck will and googling you will be able to maybe catch that function and disable it the WoW machinima tool already does that but only for models getting transparent from range of 0% to <100% once oyu hit 100% it will disappear again making me think that function to make character transparent only to some point is done by how much is camera zoomed in but when it gets fully transparent is not actualy transparent but more like not being rendered at all that would sound logical to me you can also try looking at wiki for some offesets that may help you
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    Version 1.0.0


    Put together this HD Race Icon package a while ago. Thought I'd share it for anyone who was interested. Just updates the Race Icons with some HD faces. Drop this pack in to the /Data
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    Oooh, this is pretty cool. Great work!