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    Version 1.0.1


    Hi, This is my first upload so bare with me! I made a custom Alliance style tank, inspired by the OG dwarven tank. It is made up from various assets from Warlords of Dreanor and Battle for azeroth. Nearly all used textures are either modified or crafted from scratch (mostly just modified though). All you need to do is download 'patch-J' and throw it into your Data folder (inside the world of warcraft 3.3.5a/Data). I want to give a special thankyou to loremaster, for explaining me how to convert my obj file to WMO and putting it into a patch Have fun and make sure to post pictures of the projects you use this asset for!
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    Version 0.0.8


    This model is geared moreso towards people who play with Classic models but would like something extra to spruce it up. Here we have Classic Night Elf models that have been rigged with the new HD animations (I chose Nightborne animations, because I felt they looked better). The face has updated polygons, and I've included Tyrande's Cataclysm assets in the character customisation (her hair, face and body). However, the old textures (body and face) will also work. Also, I made the Night Elf eye glow for all faces actually glow on the model, instead of using the dodgy 2D sprite glow effect that all Night Elves, Blood Elves and Death Knights share. In the future, you can expect additions from Azshara, similar overhauls for Night Elf Males with Illidan and Malfurion assets and eventually new Human and Blood Elf models based off Wrynn and Sylvanas, respectively (all with HD animations). The goal is to achieve higher-definition and smoother models that don't detract from the general artstyle of WoW in the way I feel that the models from WoD onwards do. If you don't want the new Tyrande skins, just delete Pelvis, Torso, Skin and Face files. I'd recommend keeping the Hair, as the normal Night Elf hair textures will look mismatched. At the moment, only one face option works with the Tyrande skin - the rest of the faces will cause a mismatch in the skin colour. You can solve this issue yourself by removing the other faces in CharSections.dbc, replicating the 1 Tyrande Skin texture multiple times so that all faces with the skin will be that one, or just plain ignoring it. More importantly, only one hair style (the one in the screenshots) works. I can add all the other hairs in time, but for now I'm releasing it like this.
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    </Frame> <CheckButton name="CharCreateClassButton1" inherits="CharCreateClassButtonTemplate" id="1"> <!-- <Anchors> <Anchor point="BOTTOM" x="-325" y="17"/> </Anchors> --> </CheckButton> I succeeded,
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    Version 1.02


    Dragon Isles - custom made map, I release it to the public, as long as you give credit, you can make any use of it. The Isles are located north of Hearthglen, they are in fatigue zone, so be careful. If you want to see what the map looks like, go to the gallery section, there are some screenshots of it. Update 28. 12. 2019: Fixed edge like holes. Update 2. 7. 2020: Skybox added, see the photos below.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Format is in obj format i guess its more friendly with modders there. hope You will find use in those files have fun
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    This patch adds the ability to view old maps of dungeons and instances. Comes with the addon. The patch supports the following languages: deDE, ruRU, enGB, frFR, enUS, esES, esMX, enCN, koKR, zhCN, zhTW Link to download Alternative download link
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    Version 1.0.0


    One of the old login screens I made for version 5.4.8 of Mists of Pandaria. This does not support models. It will add a new background, new music, and it will bring back the old Human and Tauren backgrounds. And uh... WARNING If you don't remove the GlueXML check from your exe, this will destroy your client. As such I have included my own custom exe which includes GlueXML removal, connection patch, and mods. I recommend deleting the original Wow.exe so you'll never accidentally click on it. I'm serious! Also, you might notice there's an annoying Login Successful pop-up when logging out of the game and returning to the character selection screen. I never found out how to fix this, sorry. This patch was created by utilizing code from VX2's AShell for the early versions of Cataclysm.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This tool was made by to me unknown developer and posted on wow modding discord a long time ago but thru numerous occasions ppl were too lazy to seach for it so im pinning it here This version of FixTXID is modified and recompiled slightly by me beacuse it was stopping with each convert waiting for user input so I removed that function Usage: Download THIS LISTFILE from wow.tools and place it next to the FixTXID.exe Drag'n'drop M2s(that still have TXID chunk) on it You can also run cmd loop --- Example : for /r %%i in (*.m2) do FixTXID.exe "%%i"
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    Version 3.3.5a


    Hello, uploaded modcraft files [ATBOX][RELEASE] 4.0.0 ~ 5.4.0 Maps-WMOs-Doodads Content for 3.3.5a -9GBytes by PhilipTNG original thread and all details here - http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=7136.0 Would be cool if people updated his Azeroth maps and fixed remaining bugs like; - fatigue bar on players in new zones - updated stormwind, maybe some other places that look better after cata - improve water in noggit(and remember if u open it in noggit disable water effects) - * nothing else comes to mind atm, but if anyone thinks of something leave a reply and i'll update http://www.mediafire.com/file/871fos5t5refrcp/patch-4.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/9usitetbbj4ef6u/patch-5.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/zfqcksn472ypqbc/patch-6.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/nby7ht2v288agqb/patch-7.MPQ
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    Version 1.0.0


    Basically, multitexturing combines the alpha channel of two different textures, creating more variety in the particles and making it more realistic. It was introduced in Cataclysm but widely used since WoD for fire effects. Usually, the textures used for particles in WoD are: World\Expansion05\Doodads\IronHorde\FIRE_2X2_SHARP_MOD4X.BLP World\Expansion05\Doodads\IronHorde\Fire_Bright_Mod2x_A.BLP I tried to emulate this multitexturing effect in WotLK by combining both textures with Photoshop and increasing the rows and columns to give it more variety (since we can't animate the particle texture in Wotlk, each block has a different texture position). The result is quite decent. I would say it's 80% accurate because some features, like combining blend and additive blendingtypes on the same particle are not available in WotLK. I made two texture versions: one with 16 blocks and another with 64 (more realistic). There is also a test model included. External link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mpmmcvq9g8s7qij/MultiTexture_Fire_Particle.rar
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    Version 1.0 alpha


    A user-friendly GameMaster and Developer addon. Supports the latest TrinityCore Master, as well as (presumably) previous expansions. !Early Alpha! Inspired by an old Blizzcon video where parts of the GM interface were revealed (unfortunately, I have since been unable to find it again), and annoyed by the useful yet horrendously designed addons such as GMGenie and TrinityAdmin, I decided to make one of my own1. The end goal is a simplistic Warcraft-style interface for executing the commonly used GM commands. I am still quite far away from it. Features: Convenient toggle-style buttons for the on/off functionality Toggle-able and moveable panels for different utilities Sliders for semiautomatic selection of values Morph panel with dynamic preview
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    Version 1.1


    m2 files from BfA (alpha) to wotlk in rar Tutorial: -extract files -import world folder to patch.mpq (sorry for my bad english)
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    I think you can hide some CheckButton like CharCreateClassButton1 for class or like CharCreateRaceButton1 for race in CharacterCreate.xml
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    Showoff gallery with screenshots from my former project, which was finished by my team and was recently opened. Sorry, its CZ/SK fulltime RP server, so if anyone would like to play with us, start learning 2 most difficult languages on planet :D.
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    I have been leading project Arathor RP for nearly 2 years, and about 18 months were spent in location shown here. A lot of zones were changed, because Arathor is RP server and players and events just shaped landscape a lot. I have also wanted to improve quality of some my zones to polish them up a little bit. Zone is no longer in use, players were moved to new location, Mythia.
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