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  1. I'm not totally sure what prompted this thread, honestly. If you mean to keep the forum administration secular, it already is. But if you were talking about users in general discussing religion, I also don't really think that's a huge issue. I only remember a few religious posts being put onto Modcraft and they were mostly ignored. I think similar would happen here. We do have a policy here about freedom of speech though, which I've been meaning to write about in our rules page which is taking me forever to finish. As long as the discussion is legal and there is no verbal harassment, then it's fair game. ^^ Oh, and naturally it should be on-topic too. So, Random forum and all. I vote Down Syndrome!
  2. Amazing progress Luzifix I love that you're doing this!
  3. Wow thanks for making this tuto Ghaster
  4. Yes everyone is having these problems There are very few properly converted WoD models for 3.3.5a. I really would recommend just modding WoD if you want them. because people likely won't share.
  5. Hey Darkkang I don't think anyone really has these models lying around. They're quite rare indeed.
    Thanks Luzifix! This is a milestone for Cata+ Modding And the tool is working well! If anyone is confused by what you need to put into the map.xml file, you need to head over to the TrinityCore source and find the db2 structures in "src\server\game\DataStores\DB2Structure.h" and re-purpose the info there into map.xml. It's pretty self-explanatory from there
  6. I'm glad that people are finally finding this old patch useful thank you both for the tips!
  7. One of the best maps I've ever seen. Really great job Sergei.
  8. Merry Christmas everybody I hope you all have a wonderful time!
  9. The Announcements forum is now open to discussion! Keep all replies there precise and well-mannered please.

  10. Sorry, didn't see your comment until now. You can get cracked exe's for every version of Warlords of Draenor at http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-bots-programs/501200-repost-sig-md5-protection-remover-2.html
  11. Thank you! I'm glad to see more people working on WoD/Legion
  12. Yeah there's something wrong with the MPQ. I can't open it either.
  13. *Holds Valkryst dearly* Don't worry, if we die, we die together! And in Heaven we shall hear Cher!
    Really silly patch and quite hilarious to be frank. What they did to Elwynn is an abomination. But the Stormwind is actually fucking awesome in my opinion. Looks and feels like a legitimate desert city. Like Lut Gholein or something. Might be useful to some, but not in a WoW setting I bet.
    I checked it out as I've never seen it in-game before. Thoradin's Wall is probably my favorite part, to be honest. Stromgarde is nice too but the roof textures are too vibrantly colored, especially considering sun bleach and rain. The castle looks great but it's really disappointing once you go inside of it. And other than that, tons of glitches with models popping in and out. Still a good resource, though. Might be better converted to WoD because of Wrath's awful FarClip and all.
  14. As Valky said, you should definitely make a entry in the Projects at the top of the menu.
  15. If you hate me and you know it, clap your hands! :x

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      Oy tf m9 ,),

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    I used Skarn's Alphamapping Template Collection, and I never regretted it. Now I'm 10kg lighter and can finally wear a bathing suit again. If you haven't tried Skarn's Alphamapping Template Collection yet, I highly recommend it.
  16. Give it a try and it will probably work, unless something has changed since then. If it doesn't work, you might have to explore the method I used to create it to begin with. That involves converting the DBC to CSV, and editing the CSV and SQL file using Notepad++ wildcards. A real pain, really.
  17. lmfao - quality WoW modding right there, folks