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  1. Wow this is realllyyy cool
  2. This is really cool Thank you for sharing Merfed! Must have taken forever to put together.
  3. There's definitely a lot of atmosphere in this one! You should definitely experiment with lighting.
  4. Oh now this is just pure awesome...
  5. I checked in Noggit and it looks like the slime in Lordaeron is a part of the wmo. So wrong dbc, maybe?
  6. Well, they wrote "e.g" in front it, implying it is an example. The situation varies depending on your version.
  7. Hiya ^^ Authserver and Worldserver not launching at all is often a MySQL issue. You made sure your MySQL server is running, correct? Also, about the cmake issue, I might be able to help you through Skype screenshare if you have it. My Skype is live:aerythas. But I won't be available again until tomorrow. Also, if you're really having a problem with Boost you should double check that you have the correct version installed in the C drive with the proper environment variable added to your system. The TC wiki says: Boost Download the prebuilt Windows Binary matching your platformVisual Studio 2013Recommended for 64bit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.59.0/boost_1_59_0-msvc-12.0-64.exe/downloadRecommended for 32bit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.59.0/boost_1_59_0-msvc-12.0-32.exe/downloadVisual Studio 2015Recommended for 64bit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.59.0/boost_1_59_0-msvc-14.0-64.exe/downloadRecommended for 32bit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.59.0/boost_1_59_0-msvc-14.0-32.exe/downloadInstall the package to the default location.Add an environment variable to "System" variables named "BOOST_ROOT" pointing to your Boost installation directory, e.g "C:/local/boost_1_58_0". (If you still get problems, add the same variable in the "USER" variables section too, like shown in the image below.) Restart Cmake if it was already runningNote: If CMake generates errors about Boost, install both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Boost to the same directory (e.g "C:\local\boost_1_57_0").
  8. It's as if those stones are being consumed by embers... ,_, Great job as always Valkryst. And nice armor thing.
  9. Thanks for the share. I made an entry in the downloads section for you. http://www.model-changing.net/files/file/18-model-info-sql-for-warlords-of-draenor/
  10. I don't know. Maybe in the future at some point.
  11. Based on the steps you followed, it looks like you forgot to add the XTEXTURES folder. That green color means missing textures. When you create the MPQ from directory, it should look exactly like the zip I sent you, minus the screenshots and the readme file.
  12. Updated my Water Patch. It had completely wrong files! Sorry ;x

  13. crum, I can't thank you enough! This isn't even the right patch. Here, I've uploaded the real patch now. Enjoy
  14. Right now I'm working on constructing a new FileData.dbc for a WoD 6.2.3 GameObjects Patch.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean. Have you tried clearing client cache?
  16. Strange, that's what it used to say. Now it should say "This program has been fixed and will now work. Regards, Jameyboor". It has some server connection to a website. In any case, I have a cracked version I used to use. Maybe it will work better for you. DB2Editor.Patched.exe
  17. Welcome to my world. There are only a few options for editing db2s, and none of them work properly. I'll give you a link to the one that's worked best for me. Although, it corrupts often. Maybe try never saving twice. Idk https://code.google.com/p/cntc2/downloads/detail?name=DB2Editor_v1.4.rar&can=2&q
  18. Yo, what is up. Tapir fam... ,?, I'm making this post to raise a bit of awareness in the Model Changing Network that modding more recent expansions is possible; in fact it really only gets tricky after Mists of Pandaria. A lot of people are frustrated that for years now, the community has been scared to move on and leave 3.3.5a behind. They voice concerns that modding is only about retro-porting now, because everyone wants the new content yet they don't have the balls to mod the new expansions. I'm conflicted, myself. I really like Cataclysm as an expansion, but WoD is so beautiful. Yet it comes with a lot of sacrifice, such as easy-to-manage dbc files and things like MPQ archives. Another concern is the lack of good emulation software for expansions beyond Wrath of the Lich King. TrinityCore made Warlords of Draenor their master branch, but since WoD is a horrible let-down, it looks like they're going to drop its development and jump right into Legion later next year, according to important people in their IRC channel. Interesting Fact: Deepholm, a Cata zone, is still empty even on the latest TrinityCore 6.x revision. And the only Pandaria zone currently spawned is the Wandering Isle. Warlords zones are empty, and now we have Legion coming. Basically, us unsavvy folks are screwed. Nowadays the emulation scene is ruled by repack developers who refuse to share their source code. So if you wanna make edits to your server, you're stuck developing the entire core. So what do we do? I want to MoD WoD, as it has so many new features. But the server software is so awful, and the lack of a reliable db2 editor and other tools makes it even worse. I wish more people were interested in it. Though on the other hand, I really don't want it to become another elitist 3.3.5a. People should mod whichever expansion pleases them. To be honest, all of these problems would be solved if people would just work together. But that's unrealistic. So, what do you think? What expansions do you currently mod, and what are your reasons?
  19. Skarn has said it all. I was going to mention m2i plugin for Maya, but he basically covered that. I seriously hate Blender. Though, the most important tools we need right now are definitely the Map Editor and a proper db2/db3 editor. Having the ability to implement mods into CASC is important too, but at the current time it's not entirely necessary.
  20. Nice work! Your area with the town and the few narrow passages through the woods are really nice. It goes to show how much lighting can enhance the atmosphere of a zone. Although the dark areas deeper in the forest could use something more. Maybe fog would be a nice touch.