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  1. SkyFire 4.3.4 was only a thing for a while. It was created only for learning purposes, and was dropped when TrinityCore decided to support 4.3.4 as it was never intended to replace it, according to their GitHub.
  2. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Today we are officially announcing the launch of MC-Net, albeit several weeks, if not months, late. But with that said, please feel free to start posting and sharing content as you normally would elsewhere. And be sure to let everyone know that we exist! Also, here's some context for those who are just now joining us: Our main purpose here will be to provide the modding community with what we believe is a better community platform. We also want to delve into Machinima since it pairs well with custom-made content. And on top of that, anything related to creativity in the Warcraft universe and other Blizzard games is greatly appreciated here. We predict the rest of 2015 to be really slow for us due to our lack of content and publicity, but you can change that by participating! Anyone who is interested in helping out even more by writing tutorials or advertising for us, please contact me or Skarn on here or via Skype. Thank you and happy modding
  3. Very nice, Phantom. Reminds me of the Archmage hero in Warcraft III. Though the horse's animations seem too fast.
  4. I'm just really sad that there isn't a good studio recording of this version. It's absolutely beautiful. I recommend listening to more of this guy's stuff if you find the time.
  5. Krysik, that Wc3 Stormwind is insane. You must have a lot of time on your hands O_O Also, your Annoy-o-Tron is amazing Met@ I hope you'll be able to get it working in-game. I'm also working on a robot for the 12 hour long Introduction to Maya 2015 course! c:
  6. This is my first time getting into 3d stuff so I decided to make a custom rig for the new blood elf female. Hopefully I'll be able to learn how to make animations for Machinima and other things soon ^^
  7. What Are You Working On? Guten Tag, alle! Welcome to our first WAYWO thread! In an effort to stir up some chatter, I thought I'd finally post this. If you happen to be coming from Modcraft or perhaps some other development forum then you already know what this is. Why should we do this? Well, most people here complain that the shoutbox is gone. Wait, no it isn't /insidejoke Anyway, feel free to discuss anything that you're working on, WoW-related or not. It doesn't matter if your work is finished or if you just started. You can post pictures, videos, comments, and leave feedback regarding others' posted work. We allow anything from WoW mods to abstract paintings. Tapir GIFs are 100% allowed too. Just refrain from posting any adult-oriented content here, plox ,_, Hint: To post videos, just paste the YouTube/Vimeo link.
  8. I'd personally suggest that you get rid of the clouds or somehow improve them. It looks like a nuclear explosion.