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  1. Thanks Luzifix! This is a milestone for Cata+ Modding :D And the tool is working well! If anyone is confused by what you need to put into the map.xml file, you need to head over to the TrinityCore source and find the db2 structures in "src\server\game\DataStores\DB2Structure.h" and re-purpose the info there into map.xml. It's pretty self-explanatory from there :)

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  2. Egyptian Stormwind

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    Really silly patch and quite hilarious to be frank. What they did to Elwynn is an abomination. But the Stormwind is actually fucking awesome in my opinion. Looks and feels like a legitimate desert city. Like Lut Gholein or something. Might be useful to some, but not in a WoW setting I bet.

  3. I checked it out as I've never seen it in-game before. Thoradin's Wall is probably my favorite part, to be honest. Stromgarde is nice too but the roof textures are too vibrantly colored, especially considering sun bleach and rain. The castle looks great but it's really disappointing once you go inside of it. And other than that, tons of glitches with models popping in and out. Still a good resource, though. Might be better converted to WoD because of Wrath's awful FarClip and all.