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  1. Speaking of which, that action camera in Legion makes me feel sick.

    Works great in other games though, just not in WoW imo. 

    Really highly doubt you will ever get that working in 3.3.5a

  2. If you're interested in learning how to make your own darker nights patch, you need a program called Lightmapper which will show you all the light sources in Azeroth. Each node that you see on Lightmapper refers to an entry in the Light.dbc. Use the WoW Dev Wiki to understand the structure of that dbc file, and you shall see that it refers to LightIntBand.dbc in two columns. One contains information for clear weather lighting and the other for rainy/snowy lighting. There are also entries for underwater lighting, use that if you wish.

    With the numbers you find in the Light.dbc columns you have to multiply them by 18 and subtract 17. That will be your starting row in LightIntBand.dbc. That row and the next 17 rows in LightIntBand.dbc all contain information regarding that specific locations light settings (the one you found on Lightmapper). You'll need to specify the time of day intervals as well as the color of the lighting using hex color codes. Black lights would make it extremely dark while brighter colors will make it brighter.  It's a lot of copy and paste work. The WoW Dev Wiki should help you. 

    There's another way of modifying the lights a little bit faster using Sharp WoW if I remember correctly. I've never done it myself though.

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  3. Not sure about the Orgrimmar thing. That might be one of the lights that doesn't appear on the Light Mapper. Maybe with enough fiddling you might be able to figure out which ID its using if you decide to make your own edits. However it does have its own lighting in some areas such as The Drag, which would not work well without knowledge of WMO editing. 

    The weather problem is something I overlooked when I created Darker Nights. I'm not sure who else is making these patches now, as I've never made one for vanilla, but the reason it becomes brighter when it rains is because weather conditions have their very own Light.dbc entry. Clear weather and rainy weather use entirely different settings, but both can be changed if you have the time.

    With that being said, a patch like this easily takes a solid 2 weeks of hard work. So don't expect anyone to do it for free. 

  4. Knowing that someone from our community died with his mods being the last signs of his life... It creates a kind of feeling that I can't describe. I remember seeing Zim4ik's name around Modcraft all the time years ago, and now regret that I never got to know him. Thank you for sharing his work, I'm sure his friends here will really appreciate that. 

    Now, word spreads fast so I hope everyone who wanted to contact his brother has already done so. I'm going to remove his email address from these posts to protect him from spam bots. If you still want to know it, contact Met@ and I'm sure he'll help you. 

    Rest in peace Zim4ik...:(

  5. Okay I'm gonna second that... I just watched a 2 minute video of you saying "Ummm... Ummm...Ummm... Is this the folder... Ummm... Idk... Ummm... Idk... I'm so drained... I'll talk to you guys laters..." I have shit to do man. 

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  6. I think you were just too drunk schlumpf xD anyway thanks for the thoughts on the mobile, it's at least something to consider.

    Please keep this conversation out of Amaroth's thread though. I might just make a new thread for this when I get home. Maybe.

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