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  1. Sorry it look like i dont explain it correctly What i'm looking for is the correct path for the .ogg files for the sentence of the boss, i need to extract them myself in CasCexplorer but couldnt find the files
  2. Hey,I'm looking for find sound of Uldir Boss in my native language (French), but i only found them in english actually on YouTube..I try wih a CascExplorer but i cant find Taloc or any other boss in the sound Category in the files.If anyone can be kind w me and explain me how / where i can find these sounds in french language i'll be very gratefull. I already tried wowhead database sound but i only found boss sounds like when they take a hit or when they hit but not the sentence like in this video : Any help would be welcome.. Thanks a lot !
  3. This is look rly insane and creepy ! I love so much this kind of ambience Great Work Skarn, keep up ! Hope i can one day try this map on your own server or if you release it
  4. Okay thanks for answer good work
  5. Wow, its look very cool Skarn ! Is it Water at the bottom of the screen ? Or a kind of mist ? How you give this kind of ambience ? Have you do some Texture edit ? I think everything is fine overall.
  6. Hey everybody ! This is actually a song i'm listen very often, its make me feel lot of sensation and remember some good moment of my life hope is doing the same effect for you
    Thanks for this ! Working good, didnt take your old version because it doesnt affect wmo, but this new version does so its pretty cool
    Thanks Hyakkimaru for the share, Good quality share with a great team work behind Cya !
  7. Yeah i tried Alastor, but which line exactly i need to change ? Because i try some but didnt nothing in game
  8. Hey that's really pretty cool things ! You think you can do tutorial maybe with your lua/xml skill for explain how all of this is working ? Seems to be very intersting, for me atleast
  9. Hey this looks great m8, maybe you can do something cool like machinima with that ?
  10. your housing system seems to be very interesting, you think you're going to release it one day ? btw, how you done this kind of work ? I mean, new "interface" like in your first, screen