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  1. I dumped memory from the encrypted exe using that tutorial on OwnedCore. Then i found the changes needed in the decrypted exe and noted the offsets and what values to change. Then i just hex-edited the encrypted exe, using the same offsets, but by changing the hex value from the encrypted exe (e.g. in the decrypted, one would increment 0x74->0x75, however in the encrypted this hex value would be 0xA6, so you would increment it to 0xA7)
  2. I usually also prefer patterns, but wasn't sure if the added obfustication in 7.3 would work with those, since the patterns would change every build.
  3. I used that existing GlueXML crack on 6.2.4 as an reference, then it was just a matter of finding the same functions in 7.3.5. To do that, I found some identical strings and look at the call offsets, since they (hopefully) didn't change.
  4. Note: this is only for 64-bit exe of 7.3.5 26972! To disable GlueXML signature check, make the following changes in Wow-64.exe using your favorite hex editor: at 1B7A8E: replace A6 with A7 at 86D522: replace DB with DC
  5. Finally cracked GlueXML on 7.3.5
  6. The animation bugs are due to the key bones, remove all key bone references < 26.
  7. Trying to update the Vanilla loginscreen. Before: After:
  8. Version 1.0.0


    An old WoW Alpha MDX Converter/Viewer to OBJ Converter. It converts all WoW Alpha mdx files into OBJ files with mesh and uvmaps preserved. No weights, animations or particles!!! The UV-Map need to be mirrored at Y-axis to be correct. Made by DaishiOfDeath, i'm just reuploading it here since the converter has nearly disappeared from the internet.
  9. There are some textures used for the forge that was removed when they switched to the new layout. I haven't had the time to filter out the needed textures. Gonna see if i can fix then.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    Converts WMOv16 files to the newer WMOv17 format. WMOv16 is used from build 0.6.0 3592 to 0.8.0 3734. The script can detect by itself if the file is a root or a group file. Missing features: Currently does not fix MLIQ chunk (coordinates system changed or something)
  11. Version 1.0.1


    Ironforge ported from version 0.6.0 3592 to the newer WMO format. Also known as the Alpha Ironforge. Works in all versions except for Legion. Current Bugs: Lava/liquids are not in the right position, no intention to fix ATM.
  12. Oh boy..... Rangorn, at what point did anyone criticize you for modding on Legion? you are the only one criticizing people for modding on a specific version by calling them "335fags" has anyone ever called you a 710fag? You look upon yourself as the god that will save wow modding and whenever you discover on how to create something in newer expansions, you expect everyone to shower you with compliments and tell you how great of a person you really are. Have you seen that happen anywhere in any topic when someone releases a tool? You should do this for your own curiosity and willing to learn and not for strangers on the internet to give you compliments. You wanna know why people don't want to mod on never expansions? because people don't want to! people use 3.3.5 because of all the possibilities we have with it and because WoW in that time was a really good game! Legion is nothing like 3.3.5, heck it's not even really a RPG game anymore and sure, we can always mod Legion to be like 3.3.5 ! but it is really worth that effort? you wanna spend time fixing Blizzard's current shit, or get right into making your own stuff? And to quote yourself: Good for you! but why the fuck are you criticizing people for modding on whatever version they like? this is what you want to do and that's fine! but no need to say that everyone who does not mod the newest version of wow is a fucking faggot. I agree that it would be cool to see the community move to a newer version, but the most you are getting out of that is better graphics and some new technologies to make use of and it return you are getting a real pain in the ass casc system and model format. Is it really worth sacrificeing gameplay over that? lululalaland, you are criticizing us because no one knows the exact answer to your problem? You know that almost no one mods on Legion, yet you ask for help like everyone does. Why don't you try experiment and see if you could solve the problem by yourself? In school, if you get an assignment where you have to make a presentation about a topic, do you expect the teacher to hand you the final presentation? Of course not! you have to research and find information about it. Sorry for the long rant, i just can't fucking believe so many who mod on newer expansions, criticize others for not doing the same shit as them and not joining their anti old version WoW movement......
  13. You could, but depending on what classes he want to remove, there are gonna be gaps between some classes.
  14. If you need to remove class buttons from CharacterCreate, you are gonna need to remove the classes in ChrClasses.dbc aswell. CharacterCreate needs a button for every class, so it can automatically add stuff like names and descriptions.