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  1. This is a webpanel i bought from 200$ from a guy who refused to give me support and scammed me for a lot of money. and also that works using google drive for 200$ in a total of 400$ Here is my discord hiriko51#3790 I'm selling the website+ launcher for 140$ the website only for 80$ and launcher only for 80$ (includes full source code) This webpanel has the following features and its very well optmized - Players Online - Refference System (you can decide how much cash players get) - Promo Codes (for streamers or cupouns for players to recive items for a limited time or amount of players) - Automatic Shop with cash or vote points config - Time Played registed (if your core supports it) - Admin panel with the following > General Config > Edit Players Accounts > Add GM's > Backups > Add items on shop > Top voters > Beware that this website does not have SRP6 support, only sha_hash - Character Panel with > Unstuck Character (using SOAP and commands) > Change character name > Change race > Change faction - Easy to edit website with icons and images being lightweight - Database or Disk Cache - Launcher system with news and videos (i can also sell that launcher that works with this, its from the same guy) Here are some images (beware the website is translated to portuguese on my end , i will send the original version to you wich is in russian so you have to translate yourself (you can do most translante on database) Launcher images Used technologies: C#, .NET, Google API. Basic functionality: - installation, update, restoration game client - displaying news in thumbnail format - playing videos - changelogs - auto sync launcher version & update - installation, update, removal, restoration your custom MPQ patches, interface addons and etc - cleaning up game client cache - auto game client configuration to play on your server - supporting any game client versions from WoW Classic to WoW BFA - game client auto authorization - displaying realm stats - auto detection game client in current folder - auto update game client on launch - social, feedback links
  2. Selling individual or all scripts, legion talents, classless system, attributes/upgrade system. if you have any interested PM me If you buy bundle of type 1 scripts you get 50$ discount. if you buy bundle of type 2 scripts you get 35$ discount My discord for contact hiriko51 #3790 I Have 2 types of the same scripts Type 1 - Scripts with MYSQL integration and more "noob friendly version" where you can edit everything trought mysql with easy steps Type 2 - Scripts without MYSQL integration that give more freedon if you're a developer and want to mess arround with stuff. Here are the prices, you may think its expensive but i paid a lot to have those scripts run well and be optmized Type 1 Scripts Prices - 200$ for the Classless system with included classes (warrior, warlock ,paladin , rogue, druid ,hunter, mage , priest , shaman) Includes all the code + Mysql tables alredy filled up with all data Easier do read code for newbies on scripting - 200$ for the Attribute system (path of exile style) This one contains the database with all the information and filled up with data You can decide what spells are needed to upgrade your path, you can design your own path for players, unlimited amount of possibilities in this script if you know what you're doing Type 2 Scripts Prices - 100$ for the classless system, contains everything form the first one except the database work, the script runs directly and purely on the .lua files - 100$ for the attribute system, same deal as the classless, contains everything except the database work and the scripts runs only on the .lua files The talent tree (legion like script) Type 1 Costs 50$ for the mysql version Type 2 Costs 35$ for the non mysql version Video on youtube VIDEO LINK