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  1. I don't think you can be motivated by "non sharing". I think what can motivate is profit, whether in the form of money or peer recognition. However I don't know if the modding of WoW has reached a status where there's enough money and public to maintain innovation through competition like what we can observe in other fields. In small communities, the risk of abandon is present even in closed source.
  2. It's once again the open source/closed source debate. I would just like to remind those who do not publish anything that without the Wiki and other important resources you would all have absolutely nothing. Everything you're basing your work on has been shared for free by others. It's human to want the thanks and the credit. It makes you feel good, integrated and indispensable, it's a basic instinct. In the past and on another forums, some people took my work too, and I felt the same pain and rage in my heart. Yes, people will always just thank the last man at the chain like if he was the one that invented the wheel, whether it's the actual author of something or some reposter. But amongst those people, there were some that now make progress and share new things. Even 1 over 10000 leechers is enough to make difference. And then others will base their work on their stuff too. Look at the catastrophic Mangos situation. Every little server do its own fixes, then die years later, and everyone in the world is always fixing the same god damn Darkshore quest. Is this what we want ? Is this really the most efficient way to work in 2016 ? We should not do that for any project. Not for emulation, not for modding, not for anything. So if it's your goal to get thanks (and it's perfectly normal), go ahead, keep for yourself whatever you do. But if you want to do something beyond your own person, and make the community progress as a whole, then please share.
  3. As much as I agree with this statement (IMO it's a corridor since BC included, but whatever), if we talk about modding you surely must understand the most recent client (not the content) is always better from a technical standpoint. In theory you could actually mod WoD and its databases enough to recreate the content of any expansion, tho it takes dedication and time. Therefore I think either debating bashing old expansion guys or blinding himself from the technical progress of clients are a bit pointless. ----- Coming back to the main topic, I'm not sure a CASC editor is needed, since we can mod WoD by adding files directly to the folders. TOM_RUS's explorer is enough.
  4. I agree with you. MDLVis is way too bad, we must jump to new softwares directly. Tho it's hard to do and I'm a lame programmer anyway. BTW I was talking about some unknown fields in M2. It's easier to write an exporter M2 -> something because you just take the data you want from the M2 format and it's done, like we do for viewers and such. The harder thing is the other way, because you have to generate the precomputed data and lookups that are all over the m2. For example last week I could not (I still can't) find how to compute boneInfluences in Submeshes from the verts/triangles/bones/etc.. Deamon & Schlumpf had no idea either, it's horrible
  5. The problem is not the external format. The problem is the M2 documentation which is not sufficient for something like this. To be precise the Views, Submeshes & TextureUnits are not described in enough depth to generate them from standard 3D data you find in every format out there.
  6. Koward


    You can select an area to apply changes on only a part of the texture.
  7. You're a madman, Vellear. This is fantastic.
  8. Do you have a Github or any place where the source is published ?
  9. You animated the trees yourself ?
  10. I don't know if many will use it but I'm very interested.
  11. I'm trying to fix the ugly gryphon update Blizzard made. Already changed eyes and removed the bump on the beak. I will try to give him a proper eagle beak like artworks have.
  12. I do not know. It requires an obj AND an adt. I thought you may want to keep things on the ADT and just override the vertices. I can add the file to the package if you send it to me.
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Hi ! This tool takes the height coordinates of a .OBJ file and puts them into the .ADT file of the same name. Launch "run.bat" to convert all files in directory. Skarn made the original script & logic and I coded it in Java due to limitations of 010 editor scripting.