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  1. Hello guys! Im looking some guy which know work in 010Editor and he will be so kind to make some Tutorial HOW TO -> fix creatures from Cata/Wotlk/Legion.............. I mean fix Flying (Swinging wings) Just simply change this swiming animation to flying animation. It would be really nice, because im looking for it for so long, can't find nowhere any clue & nobody can help me with this. So if it will be possible, please just left reply in here or contact me on: or im on discord as well : GoldenQo #5577 Thanks! Your GoldenQo
    maaan nice, finnaly something what's easy to use!
  2. Hello guys, dont you know someting about this webpage? Is it not working anymore or what? Or is it just some kind of issue of mine? Thanks for answer.
  3. I PROBABLY KNOW WHAT IM LOOKING FOR : " " For 010EDITOR Does anybody know this file please? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED, But... there is next one Guys... Npc is White, I'm trying to fix in 010Editor but i dont know exactly how.... IF IT'S POSSIBLE. PLEASE MAKE SOME TUTORIAL HOW TO DO IT... In attachment are ALL FILES! (They are already converted to Wotlk. It needs be just inserted into DBC/Patch.mpq) If you know how to do it, it will takes you just few minutes to get it done... Thanks for your Time my friends. armorreflect4.blp pigman.m2 pigman1.blp pigman2.blp pigman0060-00.anim skinorb.blp smoothreflect_round.blp