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    Thanks a lot dude. All the .m2's are working but I have problems with the .wmos. I wanted to try Dalaran2.wmo but there no textures ingame^^ would be nice if you could fix this or reupload this with textures
  1. Looks very nice. What do you want to do with it ?
  2. Most timeI listening to hardstyle or hardcore But the best song is the song of the WoW - Wotlk trailer
  3. This loadingscreen is awesome. Very nice work ! but I would place some buildings at the middle of the screen
  4. A really nice picture. You could use it as a loadingscreen. So many details. i love it
  5. Wow, that looks massive! I want to explore your island I love your texturing. Your streets are looking really good
  6. Nekatus

    Casripos house concept

    really like these paintings. Looks really nice !
  7. Nekatus


    I love your texturing. Do you use alphamaps or do you paint the textures by hand ?
  8. Skarn, i allways love your projects. I dont know if u remember me, but you helped me a lot with my projects all the time. So i dont do anything like world building at the moment, but everytime i see your work i want to start again with modding <.< Cant wait to see more of your work dude !