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  1. yuan

    Race Event!

    okay, Waiting for you to update version 243
  2. yuan

    Race Event!

    Does it support TBC243 version of the core? I am using Oregoncore, your script is very interesting, I like it very much
  3. okay,If you are willing to transplant to 243, please contact me, discord: yuan#2105
  4. Thank CrazyDane#0778 Help me
  5. 有几种无法编译和使用的移植脚本。希望您能对我 有所帮助ArenaSpectator:https://github.com/yuanf225/OregonCo...ArenaSpectator Dual-Spec:https://github.com/yuanf225/OregonCore/tree/Dual-Spec TransmogDisplayVendor:https:// github.com/yuanf225/OregonCo...gDisplayVendor 如需收费,请与我联系不和谐:yuan#2105
  6. Please tell me who it is. I want to contact him
  7. The video failed