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  1. If I want to add a werewolf/goblin, how do I need to modify the CharacterCreate.xml file
  2. shop system at what price
  3. hey man, has anyone contacted you? I also want to buy a complete race
  4. I have MPQ files for werewolves and goblins. When I combined with this patch, I found that CharacterCreate.xml is very different. I will not modify it. Can anyone tell me? This is the code of CharacterCreate.xml in my goblin/werewolf MPQ <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton1" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="1"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOP" relativePoint="TOP" x="-50" y="-50"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton2" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="2"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton1" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton3" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="3"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton2" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton4" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="4"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton3" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton5" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="5"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton4" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton7" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="7"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOP" relativePoint="TOP" x="50" y="-50"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton8" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="8"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton7" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton9" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="9"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton8" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton10" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="10"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton9" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton12" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="12"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton10" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton11" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="11"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton12" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors> </CheckButton> <CheckButton name="CharacterCreateRaceButton6" inherits="CharacterCreateRaceButtonTemplate" id="6"> <Anchors> <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="CharacterCreateRaceButton5" relativePoint="BOTTOMLEFT" x="0" y="-10"/> </Anchors>
  5. I want to add the werewolf/goblin to your patch, what should I do, thank you
    Brother hi, I used the V9 version of the file. I added goblins and werewolves, but now there is this error message. Can you tell me where the problem is? Thank you very much.
  6. Can't add to your discord
  7. Who has a classless system that can work normally, please contact me
  8. Your discord ID cannot be searched
  9. yuan

    Race Event!

    okay, Waiting for you to update version 243