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  1. Custom TBC arena server. Got MoP arena maps working in TBC with the help of @Namok
  2. Schaka

    Cata/Mop maps for 335

    Listfiles are inside and just not being read, so it's probably encrypted.
  3. Schaka

    Cata/Mop maps for 335

    Anyone else unable to open patch-4 and patch-5 (opening in read-only mode - indicating they're malformed)?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I took the previously patched Wow.exe from here and applied this patch to it. Additionally I added a version with FoV fix and nameplate range to ~60 yards . Hope it helps someone. Wow_243_ItemPatch_FoV_NameplateRange.exe Wow_243_FrameXML_GlueXML_ItemPatch_FoV.exe Wow_243_FrameXML_GlueXML_ItemPatch.exe Wow_243_FrameXML_GlueXML_ItemPatch_FoV_NameplateRange.exe
  5. Hey guys, I am completely new to WoW modding. Although I have made some modifications to the client before in the form of AddOns and some server side changes, I've never actually touched maps or models. Especially not for TBC, because back when I tried the client would always crash (unless you used WoWMe, maybe). Now I also have some experience in memory editing and developing bots for WoW. I've also patched small things into the client (granted, I suck at reverse engineering). So I'm sure I can eventually learn this. But I don't want to spend an enormous amount of time on something that would only be of small benefit, especially if this is something that hasn't really been done before. What I want to do is a client side patch that extracts 5.4 arena maps and makes them playable on the 2.4.3 client (preferably without WoWMe). However since my vision is of a custom TBC arena server, I would also need to be able to extract the maps server side, including movement maps for pet movement. Is this something that you guys consider possible for someone without much modding knowledge? Regardless of your answer, I'd be curious about the timespan you guys think it would take me. Because if this would likely take me several weeks or even months, it's currently not worth it over the amount of spells in my backlog that still need modifying.