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  1. You mind releasing these Maps? + Rep for the Tutorial
  2. iirc I played I tested something like this a long time ago. I don't remember if it was Conquest of Azeroth but I am sure something like this and it was amazing. Please if you can't find a Developer or a new Owner, DO NOT Delete such a Masterpiece! Go Open Source with it! You would contribute a HUGE thing into the Community from which other Developers can get motivation, code samples & Inspiration! Do not let so many custom classes die! I wish you all the best, too bad to you are going to close the Project for yourself. Best of Luck with you Future & again: This is a MASTERPIECE! €dit: Just saw the "Witch Hunter" Class, it was CoA which I tested and it was hella fun. The Witchhunter Class was very nicely designed! Best Regards, Lushen
    Just based on the Screenshots: Great work! This is very nicely built. Some Areas look a little "empty" but others look even better
    Love it, like it a lot more that its more zoomed in, makes the Entrance feel a way bigger and more Gigantic! Awesome work!
    A great Contribution to the Community! As always!
  3. Version 1.0


    New custom Capital City: Lonforte! Hey Friends, today I would like to release my Map "Lonforte". It was built by me for my Server "Astoria". However, we decided to not use it and instead of letting it die in my Hard Drive, I decided to release it for you all! You are free to edit/change everything at the Map you want. You are allowed to use the Map for your Server/Project. You don't need to give credits, however its appreciated! - You are not allowed to sell the Map or any of the Parts of it! The Map has 3 main "Areas": War Craters - The Mid of the Map, where we planned Open World PvP between the Horde and Alliance. Lonforte: Disctrict of War - The Horde Capital City of the Map. Lonforte: Disctrict of Glory - The Alliance Capital City of the Map You need a Patch with all Draenor Objects/Textures. You can download "Zarkeven" ones. Download here: Be sure to place that into your WoW Data Folder (or your Noggit Workspace) Hope you Enjoy it! Showcase of the Map:
  4. Welcome friends!I have decided to start a new Noggit Tutorial series. Since I'm currently working on a custom privateserver and have to work a lot with Noggit and all that stuff, I've decided to make an up-to-date andhigh quality tutorial series on Noggit! In this Video I show you, how to create perfect even Seas/Lakes & Rivers with the Water Tool in Noggit. Leave a Like! Video:
  5. Im glad you are back Reznik, a Major legend is back!
  6. Hey, I have a question, basically I want to merge two Maps. Am I able to do this? For example, I have one Map called "Map 1" and another one called "Map 2" and now I want to add the ADT's from Map2 onto Map 1. Is there a way? Can I just rename the ADT from Map 2 to Map 1 and put it on a empty ADT from map 1? Best Regards
  7. Welcome to Project Astoria! - High Risk, FFA PvP! The 2.4.3 TBC Classless Server based on 3.3.5a (WOTLK) + Custom Expansion! Project Astoria is the continuation of Project Felwood. We have only changed the concept. We are working on a completely new expansion with a completely new continent, 5 new zones, including a new capital! All this built and developed together with the support of "Fractional". Our server is based on the private WaloriaCore! What awaits you on Project Astoria? - 2.4.3 TBC Server + Custom Expansion, based on 3.3.5a - A new Continent called Astoria with 5 new Zones + new Capital City! - New World Bosses / Events & Quests all over Astoria! - Focus on World PvP + Highrisk & FFA PvP Realm! - Seasonal Realm / Events (Seasons will all be on our Realm "Astoria")! - A completely new Classless System + new UI (No longer learning Spell Ranks via the Classless UI. You learn Rank 1 from the UI and then all others via a PET which is FREE for EVERYONE!) - Transmog, Mounts, Pets etc. from Cata-Legion added! - Open World Raid Gear Drops - New World Bosses in Outland - RAI's all over Azeroth (Random Patrols, scaling with the Level, containing Loot!) What makes us different from other servers in this area? We are not only focusing on Open World PvP but are currently (for almost half a year now) developing our own expansion. This expansion contains: World bosses, 5 new zones, a new continent, a new Horde and Alliance capital, rares, a long quest chain, side quests, a new currency, a huge transmog system with Seasonal unlockable Transmog Sets from Cataclysm to Legion and a few more. What happened to Project Felwood? Project Felwood was known for a 3.3.5a based Vanilla gaming experience with a Classless Realm. We do not want to open another 1.12.1 Classless Realm. That's why we're going straight through with TBC (2.4.3) and our own expansion! Also, Project Felwood was more PvE based than PvP, we're changing that with Project Astoria! Also, everyone who was involved in Project Felwood Alpha probably noticed that we just opened the project to the public too fast. Nothing was really finished yet and we already had people playing. That's changing now with Project Astoria! We are taking our time, which is what we would expect from a new Classless Server! That sounds nice, but when can we play? Let us make it short: The Open Alpha of Project Astoria will open on 07.11.2020 (European date). A release for the "full version" of the server, is not fixed yet. It depends on how many bugs our players discover in the open alpha! Here is an album with preview screenshots of Project Astoria's new zones & the Classless UI: Our Links (Website, Discord) Discord: Website: Best Regards, Project Astoria Team!
  8. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback! I will surely try to contact them
  9. Welcome friends! I have decided to start a new Noggit Tutorial series. Since I'm currently working on a custom private server and have to work a lot with Noggit and all that stuff, I've decided to make an up-to-date and high quality tutorial series on Noggit! In this video we will get to know the AreaID System and learn how to add AreaID's to our map, explained slowly and simply! I hope you enjoy it and you will support each other! Have fun modding! Video