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  1. Lonforte | Horde & Alliance | Custom Capital City! ♥

    New custom Capital City:
    Hey Friends, today I would like to release my Map "Lonforte". It was built by me for my Server "Astoria".
    However, we decided to not use it and instead of letting it die in my Hard Drive, I decided to release it for you all!
    You are free to edit/change everything at the Map you want. You are allowed to use the Map for your Server/Project.
    You don't need to give credits, however its appreciated! - You are not allowed to sell the Map or any of the Parts of it!

    The Map has 3 main "Areas":
    War Craters - The Mid of the Map, where we planned Open World PvP between the Horde and Alliance.
    Lonforte: Disctrict of War - The Horde Capital City of the Map.
    Lonforte: Disctrict of Glory - The Alliance Capital City of the Map
    You need a Patch with all Draenor Objects/Textures. You can download "Zarkeven" ones.
    Download here:
    Be sure to place that into your WoW Data Folder (or your Noggit Workspace)

    Hope you Enjoy it! ❤️
    Showcase of the Map: 


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