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  1. Hello mate do u have discord ? I have some questions about the way u upscale them, is this possible for newer gears aswell? I tryed it but they start as 512x so upscaling them makes them 2064x so i have reduce the size by 25% again wich results in the same quality. do u use max compression or other things to make them look as stunning as they do, because now pre cataclysm sets are more beautyfull when it comes to details then newer onces
  2. I'm currently learning alot about how to fix the models further with 010 editor. Some of the models work , some are meh like the hand. In most cases (with a large adress aware wow.exe) i dont crash, but another dev (whitout laa wow.exe) crashes on morphing into the model so use with care. i'll try to publish an update later today of the shadowlands creatures.
  3. i'm working on an update but i'm really busy, but should arrive soon. But pleased to say that thanks to somebody mentioning txid, i was able to fix the hand mount :).
  4. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=wow+model+viewer&iie=1 https://lmgtfy.app/?q=wow+model+viewer&iie=1 https://lmgtfy.app/?q=wow+model+viewer&iie=1 The application u seek is wow model viewer i assume instead of mywarcraftstudio?
  5. Thanks, any hint on how I can retrieve this bonus data or where I can find a link to it? Because these "advanced" models load in WMV and I was looking if it states somewhere wich layers that arent loading properly. also thanks for ur time, love ur work
  6. I see, I was assuming that if wow has the m2 right, that parts wich werent properly loading would appear green. So for models that are loading correctly in Model viewer, than the issue would be the layers that we dont see? Because most models that have this issue, are more "advanced" models. Like: https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=185973/chain-of-bahmethra
  7. Yeah that's what i'm assuming aswell, but why does it load in model viewer whitout any issues and doesnt ingame? I dont get the link between them, what does WMV do different than wow.exe?
  8. Dear modders, I have come across a small problem while converting content and to fix a problem one must understand the issue. But I cant seem to find a clue on what is different. information When loading models in Wow Model Viewer, they appear to work flawlessly. Most models work flawlessly ingame aswell. When WMV starts, it clearly asks if u want to load wow , wich is the exact same wow as i'm testing the models with. Now what is different between the wow client & wmv? 64 bit? The problem Now when configuring everything in the dbc etc, the model loads ingame and sometimes causes the character to freeze & is completly invisible, or otherwise causes wow.exe to crash. wich in both cases , the model doenst appear correctly. Attempts Now I tryed to convert my wow.exe to use more Ram(LAR)than the standard 4g, this only made it so that my wow uses all of my 16gig ram & causes my pc to freeze. So i have to force sign out to exit this state. Have tryed using different version of wow, wich in all cases led to no solution. Does anybody have any idea what the difference might be? Or the solution for ingame?
  9. Thanks , well the hand is working in model viewer. But in crashes ingame? Any idea's mate? Was considering to move it into blender and remove some layers or something that maybe cause the crash? I have all models if u want but only some are working, but feel free to pm me with request or m2's & co
  10. Version 1.1.0


    Dear Modders, I've learned alot mainly thanks to this community, and since I was experimenting with the shadowlands creatures and mounts to retro port them to Wotlk, and we'll it's going pretty good at the moment. So why not share it, i'll post updates from time to time since i'm pretty busy with wow modding at the moment. REMEMBER TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE (might be wrong platform) Release related to : NOTE: The patch contains the models & dbc files. The dbc files are far from accurate and were just placed to make the models show up. Question: Some models like the hands work perfectly in Wow model viewer, however morphing to that display id results in a crash. any idea's?
  11. O had something different in mind. i'm pretty new, but I assume when multiple skin files are present then the model is still not fully finished. end result is mainly one skin and multiple blp files for different (colors/skins)
  12. when u place a patch with the newer models inside ur data folder most of the mounts should change automaticly or atleast that's what I noticed. Like horses , panthers, mechachickens things This is because the patch contains new models, with the same name as the old creature.
  13. Hi mate, i'm currently working on shadowlands retroport mounts. Could u give me some example models to see what u mean? Maybe I have more skins always happy to share
  14. Yea that's a possibility, but why would u "waste" a resource if u can use it to create the thing u want? Download wow spell editor and compare both spells, one will summon the swiftstrider and the other will summon the chicken as a mount. then simply swap them in there or make a new spell so u dont "waste" them.
  15. Hello dear modders, I'm still quite new but own alot of my "knowledge" thanks to this community , so I thought lets make a contribution. At the moment i'm working to retroport shadowlands creatures and mounts to wotlk 3.3.5a. Some models work perfectly in modelviewer but crash wow. Any idea's? Anybody has any idea why these models load perfectly in modelviewer (3.3.5a) and not ingame? the dbc & sql wont be accurate, i use similar models to do the clientside. When I have more mounts i'll release the patch/dbc/sql 2nd one isnt a mount but was (paid) requested somewhere on here so I thought i'd add it in here.