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  1. I'm not sure what you are expecting here. But looking at the "!" , i'm assuming you have no idea what this is. The pack is mainly a resource pack, with models from shadowlands 9.1.5. These models have some client sided data done (dbc files) But this pack does NOT include any server side things. So you have to search for the model you want, see if it is defined in the dbc files and then add it to your own server (database) in order to spawn it ingame.
  2. did you run themapextrator on ur new created patch with this new info? vmaps or map data has to be extracted from the patch, when putting a new map in it this has to be re extracted to get this info.
  3. I assume this is what you are looking for? https://web.archive.org/web/20161204162622/http://emudevs.com:80/showthread.php/121-How-to-Custom-Races!
  4. If you are talking about the cool looking once's like the swords or backpacks. Those are quite advanced since you will probably have to add it as a spell. I haven't done it myself but a fellow dev did it that way, said it bugged if he did it normally. U probably wanna start with cloning items in the database and making those in the item.dbc & itemdisplayinfo.dbc, once u get a hold of that start retroporting things
  5. Awesome thanks! Remember that he talked to me about it but I lack the skill to convert the obj to m2's. Thanks for your time, was this done in a way that is described in amaroth's videos?
  6. Pretty sure I have this one, let me check mate. If i'll have it ill upload it :).
  7. Your welcome, If you encounter any issues, feel free to post here and i'll see if I can help :).
  8. Jup it does look alot better now . Glad it all worked out :).
  9. The background are dealt with in CharacterSelect.lua & CharacterSelect.xml . the naga model could be multiple things. Wrong id in chrRaces or link to the model missing in the xml & lua mentioned above. Deepl Translation: 背景是在CharacterSelect.lua和CharacterSelect.xml中处理的。 娜迦的模型可以是多种多样的。chrRaces中的错误ID或者上述xml和lua中缺少模型的链接。
  10. Its possible, we made this for our server (early version). The templates can be found here, it's a bit tricky to do so but u can follow this tutorial, thats how we did it.
  11. Ah yeah u want the druid icon to be hidden aswell? Dindt think of that, yeah u can hide the last button in the charcreate.xml. Will indeed be a more clean result.
  12. This should do the trick. ONLY REPLACE THESE FILES IN UR CLIENT PATCH, DO NOT MOVE THEM IN UR SERVER DBC FOLDER! I deleted the entries that dindt match what u want in charbaseinfo so all races with class id 11. This disables all other class combiantions for all races. I also deleted the classes from chrclasses.dbc, this disabled the class options and buttons in the client. AGAIN only leave these dbc files in ur patch, do not place them in ur server. Chrclasses will probably crash ur startup because it's missing the needed classes for wotlk to work with. The client just misses the info so it cant display it, server can still handle the disabled options if needed. CharBaseInfo.dbc ChrClasses.dbc
  13. What is the class id of this class in ChrClasses.dbc? If i know that one i'll make an adjusted CharBaseInfo.dbc for u. That should do the trick
  14. all the classes ? I dont think this would be an option, a class is needed in wotlk
  15. the career selection button? U mean races or classes? If u mean classes and u are using wotlk, u can do as amorath said in the second post. Delete the combinations u dislike in charbaseinfo.dbc and this should disable the creation of those race / class combinations.