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  1. I too am in need of something like this.
  2. Greetings, Since my last post here we have made tremendous progress in World Development, significantly increase the size of our staff, and have received wonderful feedback from the WoW Community. Today I come to this reddit to ask for men and women who have a specific skill set to help increase the speed of development for our server. I am in need of AIO/LUA Developers. Currently We have one C++ Developer working The AIO, the LUA, and the C++ all at the same time. I am looking for anyone who would be willing to join our project and work side by side with me and my staff. Even if you can only spare a few hours of your time a week, our project would flourish from it. If you are interested in some details about our server, you are welcome to see a previous post I made asking for all sorts of staff members, as well as the work we have done. God bless all of you and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this short post, Rektbyfaith. My Discord: RektByFaith#0193 Discord: Email:
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently in need of all staff, but to be more specific of course: -C++ Coder -Map Designer -SQL Editors -GM's -WebDesigner perhaps? -Gameplay Testers Below is a list of our server details. -Progressive Server. -Soft Cap 50, Max Level 60. -Customized Classes (Such as some new talents/possible cross-class gameplay depending on specific class). -Custom Content, including new lore. -3x XP Rate (still in discussion). Currently it is Me, My Fiance, a C++ coder who helps us in his free time, and two others. I am looking for dedicated staff members who are willing to create a new kind of world for players. I understand that people do not want to join a team that does not do much, which is why I am attaching snippets of *Some* of our zones that we have changed or created. If you are interested, please Contact RektByFaith#0193 on discord, or Join our Discord Here and contact me there. I hope to meet you, God bless you and your families, -Rektbyfaith. Snippets of our zones: Discord Name: RektByFaith#0193 Discord Server: Email: Will Respond Quickly.
  4. Hello, I am looking to pay someone to design me a Custom Login screen for our custom 3.3.5 server. If you are interested in this work please contact RektByFaith#0193 in discord, or DM me on forums.
  5. This is absolutely huge, thanks so much for all of this. How do you download all of this in bulk? Cheers mate.
  6. Hey mate i am having some problems integrating the map into my world? I made a custom patch and did all of the above for it, but when i try to teleport to it, it says the location doesn't exist. I also tried to teleport to the coords that you posted inside of review and it just teleports me to the middle of the ocean. I also can't seem to find it in noggit as well... i feel like im missing a crucial part here, do you know what it is by chance?
  7. Hello all! I am rektbyfaith (discord tag: RektByFaith#0193), and I am currently looking for people who would be interested in jumping onboard our project I will cut to the chase, and you can decide if it's interesting for you and if you would like to join, This will be cut into different sections on what our plans are The World: What we want to do is for the most part, change a lot of the world and add in unique locations that were not there before! That means upgrading the original cities to be bigger and feel like an actual city, giving towns such as Goldshire a complete upgrade to feel like an actual town, and a world that feels distant to you, but also semi-close to the original (Basically meaning the zones will be of same size and the roads will still go to certain places, but the places where the road's go will be different, and the world itself will feel as if it's an alternate universe. The Classes We want to make the classes feel like you pick a class, and you stick to it. We don't want to give you that feeling of you need to focus on 6+ other toons, but rather we want you to focus on your main character and make them great. That means we will be adding in different spell effects, as well as legendary spells obtained only through quest chains unique to the lore, or obtained through killing a raid boss/what not. Why can't a warlock summon an army of demons? Why does a mage always have to stand still and cast... why can't you be a spell slinger as a mage? Why not be able to tame multiple animals as a hunter or pick pocket peoples items as a rogue? That being said, these are questions that we really want to discuss and see if we can make your class, feel extremely unique. The Leveling Process Through most of the private servers it's always reach max level as fast as possible, do the raids as fast as possible, and then cry in world that you have nothing to do. In this world, we are going to make the soft-max level 50 and the max level 60. That means (similar to BDO), it may be quick to hit 50, but the grind from 50 to 60 is extremely long (we are talking level 55-60 worse than classic wow), making professions, low level PVP gear, dungeon gear, etc all important for the grind. Raids should be end game (and don't think we won't buff them so they are a lot harder! but we won't get into that right now because this is about the leveling process category). We want a reason to go back to old zones such as traveling back to the barrens after you hit fifty to do quests that are solely for 50 to 60 and what not. The leveling process shouldn't be an objective, but an experience. PVP?PVE?Flying? Etc? This private server will be a PVP server, but we will also be listening to your feedback and how you feel about the world. Do you feel like the world should be solely PVE but have arena's BGs? Do you feel like gear/gold should drop in world PVP? We will hear you, and will figure out how to make this server fun for both the PVPers and the PVErs, we really want to make this the best class wow server! As far as flying, due to classic limitations I believe it won't be possible to do, but when we get into TBC and WOTLK you will definitely be able to of course Custom Content???? Of course we are making custom content! The world itself will be dramatically different already with the classes and so forth, why wouldn't we? We want to make cities like stratholme an actual city you can go to, as well as a bunch of other places! We want to implement end-game player housing where you can place your house in different locations in the map (think of archeage ;), having governors of those areas (Ex: Governor of the barrens), and so forth! Note: there will be no paid for item shop for anything that will change gameplay, so you can have crazy fun without worrying about the other guy having a bigger wallet than you! The lore must be trash then with all these changes..... Actually... we are tying in the wow lore into this world! Crazy right? I don't want to give you any spoilers, but there will be unique dialogues and much more to come! WE NEED YOUR HELP! This project is brand spanking new, and while I have already changed quite a bit in the world myself, I really need help with this! From coders, to World Editors, to even voice actors. We want to make this the next greatest wow private server! To get in touch please contact me via discord friend request, or join the new discord recently made here: and if you just want to join the discord to keep up with our news that's totally okay! Urgh not another project that will take years to be done.... I KNOW the feeling of this, and I don't want that at all! that is why we are working hard to get a team organized and to get this moving as fast as possible, we don't want this to take years, but rather to be moved through quickly! And this is just scratching the surface of what we want to do....really I mean it! We will be using 3.3.5, Trinitycore. If you read through all of this, thanks so much for even showing interest, it really means a lot! God bless! Rektbyfaith