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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to share a picture of my wing model and weapon model that i have modelled in blender. I have just learned how to import models using transparency and double sided faces so that has been used on the wings I found the wings and weapon models from google search so they probably comes from another game but i used the images as a reference when moddelling and then i made the texture from the reference image but on the mace i still had to do tons of texture painting and thats something im NOT very good at.
  2. Sorry for a very slow reply. I didnt expect anyone to ever reply to this thread lol. Anyway, The wings are unfortunately not animated. I would love to add animation to them but im not very good at creating animations and i also have no idea at all how to import the rig/armature to the game. And yes, It is gear. its replacement for shoulder.
  3. What exactly do you mean? Anything wrong with the models?
  4. Hello, I would like to find out how i can export models to world of warcraft that has transparency in the texture. Lets say i want to import a feather with transparent background. It does not appear as transparent ingame, if was long time ago i tried last time but i think last time i actually tried it the part that was supposed to be transparent was black if im not mistaken. And yes, I have seen the tutorial by Inico but im not looking to create an animated texture, Im only looking for that part to import model with trasparency in the texture and exclude this whole animation thing, So what exactly is needed to be done for the transparency? I would also like to ask about double sided faces. Bu default if i import a plane with a texture i can see it ingame from the front but if i look behind the plane the plane is invisible. So i'm wondering how i can make the texture appear from both sides? Ofcourse, I could cheat and just apply a solidify modifier in blender but thats not exactly how i want to solve it...
  5. Thank you once again. I think i found it ! i guess i change that value RF_None (0) to RF_None (4) is that correct? Or should i delete this RF_None (0) and just replace it all with 4? Never mind, I figured it out, I can click arrow down to choose from the list of options Thanks alot for your help Alastor
  6. Thanks alot, I guess this is supposed to be changed with 010 Editor? I am complete beginner to 010 Editor, i just tried to download a 30 day trial version of the program and i have no idea where to find these 2 options. So i'm afraid i need an explanation aswell on where and how i find these options Seems like i need some kind of template to see these options am i right? If so, where can i find these templates?