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  1. Currently the patches are about 7.4gb. You only need to download the 3.0 and 3.2 patchets.
  2. Wake: The Red Chapter is a 3.3.5a World of Warcraft RP PvP server featuring custom systems and world edits, a player driven sandbox environment, and a growing community of story focused roleplayers.Set in the Southern Eastern Kingdoms prior to the canonical events of Wrath of the Lich King, Wake: The Red Chapter features a world rife with tension and conflict. Duskwood is in peril as the Undead Scourge encroach upon the darkened glade. Westfall stands defenseless against any group of bandits or renegades who wish to plunder her rich farmland. Redridge stands as a beleagured bastion against the onslaught of the Dark Horde.Far to the East, the Horde has begun a massive military expedition to reinforce the settlement of Stonard. While no war is actively being fought against the Alliance, the Horde are not wasting any time to posture against humanity's innermost territories. Along with the Horde, the Steamwheedle Cartel has recently established their own outpost in the Swamp, hoping to gain access to the resources and strategic importance of the area.Wake - The Red Chapter: A new take on 3.3.5 RPPvP - Album on ImgurWake is a name that many in the WoW RP community will recognize. While we live in the tradition of previous Wake iterations, we would like to stress that the project is currently under new management, and we are working to take the server in an entirely new direction while retaining many of the custom features that old and new players will love.Starting out on Wake - The Red Chapter - Album on ImgurOur server currently features working transmog for 3.3.5a, updated character and NPC models, a custom death/execution system, player place-able APT items, and many, many other features to explore. See a condensed version of our beginner's guide here:FAQ: - Google DocsJoin us on Discord and let us know if you have any questions. You will need a set of custom patches to connect, which are available on our discord server. The is included in these patches. We look forward to seeing you join us in game!Wake Roleplay Version 3.0/3.2 Updates: - .m2s from all expansions (cata-BFA) are added. - .wmos from BFA are added - The above are all added as APTs. - High elves, human cultists, wildhammer/dark iron dwarves, blackrock/maghar/fel orc skins are all enabled on character creation. - Only blackrock/maghar orcs and wildhammer dwarves are currently allowed without an application -This means High Elves, Dark Irons, Cultists, and Fel Orc skins are APPLICATION ONLY. - All mounts are now physical NPCs that you own and direct yourself. Please find Stable Master Willisby to unstable your mount. - All mount items/spells have been moved from existing characters and placed onto Stable Master Willisby. - Hats are fixed again, this time for realises - Dwarven shamans are enabled We have added a custom mount system, allowing your mount to be represented in game and stabled: Several zones have recently undergone extensive world editing such as Goldshire: Stonard: And a section of Redridge hosting the Benight Citadel, a fully custom built, DnD style dungeon!