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  1. Everything is possible but the concept seems disjointed at least from what u wrote. Getting the latest NPC database for a retroported WoD map on 3.5.5a would be hard. Also ambitious projects in this scene rarely get finished, and you will need a team, but you might want to get some solo modding experience before you try to put together a team
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is not a lore accurate version of the South Seas, just my interpretation of them based on what I've heard/read. Feel free to download and check them out, but if you want to use them in a published project get my permission first. This patch also includes Tilesets from Cata -> MoP. This patch also adds a port in Durotar where Bladefist Bay is in Cata+, and adds a remake of Ironforge Airport with a road up the mountain to access it. Credit to MTL Media - I used elements of his assets patch for the gilnean and kul tiran buildings. Check out his youtube channel @ Couple things to note: * Includes custom Areas + AreaTable.dbc * Not totally finished * Some missing textures * Replaces the Emerald Dream map * Includes a custom Skybox
  3. I don't know what version of TC was the last to use 1.8, just that when I use the extractors I have my server tells me it's looking for v1.8 maps.
  4. I will pay 20 USD for v1.8 TrinityCore Windows map extractors, including vmaps/mmaps and assemblers etc. All the 'tools'. I'm lazy Cheers!