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  1. Plain image version:
  2. Your best bet is https://darknestfantasy.com/
  3. You'll need to edit your world and hotfixes tables, where the latter basically replicate client-side db2s. The editing you just do with any sql editor, and you can use https://wow.tools/dbc/ to browse existing db2 records. To figure out how the various db2s relate to each other, and where AppearanceID comes into play, take a look at
  4. Plain image version:
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A little tool to quickly convert to bitmask and back, e.g. for editing RaceMask and ClassMask fields in DBCs. Usage example - getting RaceMask for races Human (1), Gnome (7), and Void Elf (29): Written in Python and compiled with PyInstaller.
  6. Plain image version:
  7. Hey TC, why make modding harder than it has to be?


  8. Really glad to see people becoming more active in terms of expansion transitions. Good luck with your project!
  9. Also: CASCHost was not working with WoW BfA at all, until our dearly beloved @MaxtorCoder turned up and saved the day. Praised be @MaxtorCoder!
  10. [Update 1] Added a section on patching the Arctium Custom Connection Launcher
  11. Version 1.0 alpha


    A user-friendly GameMaster and Developer addon. Supports the latest TrinityCore Master, as well as (presumably) previous expansions. !Early Alpha! Inspired by an old Blizzcon video where parts of the GM interface were revealed (unfortunately, I have since been unable to find it again), and annoyed by the useful yet horrendously designed addons such as GMGenie and TrinityAdmin, I decided to make one of my own1. The end goal is a simplistic Warcraft-style interface for executing the commonly used GM commands. I am still quite far away from it. Features: Convenient toggle-style buttons for the on/off functionality Toggle-able and moveable panels for different utilities Sliders for semiautomatic selection of values Morph panel with dynamic preview
  12. https://github.com/Resike/BlizzardInterfaceCode/blob/live/Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_GuildControlUI/Blizzard_GuildControlUI.lua MAX_GUILDRANKS = 10;
  13. Thank you : ) What about the general approach to discover what and where should be replaced with what?