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  1. I have created a Worgen and Goblin race with much success. But unfortunately the druid forms change my models textures and helmet display info by the looks of it. (pictures below) It seems to be the same for male/female I.E. Cancel BearForm = Worgen Female Textures Cancel CatForm= Worgen Male Textures Cancel TravelForm= Worgen Male Textures Cancel TreeForm=Naga Textures Cancel MoonkinForm=Naga Textures Cancel FlightForm=Naga Textures Any help on fixing this would be much appreciated:)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here is Shalamayne sword. This has been my first attempt at modelling and there is still a bit to improve on when i get time so I will post updated versions. e.g. there is a random black line at the handle(there is no extra line in obj file or in texture), fire sphere needs to look more realistic and to create a new icon. Or if any updates it I would love to see pictures.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoy it. This is still on my "to do list" I have just been caught up with my studies, but as soon as I have free time I will endeavor on improving it.