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  1. All right, I converted the original one does it seems well done this time ? I updated my patch with .M2, .SKIN (converted) and all the .BLP but same issue : nothing change Friendly, Classic.
  2. @Alastor Strix'Efuartus, First of all, thank you for your time and for the answer ! If I understand well, I should edit the MD21 chunk with 010 Editor, then convert the M2 file with Converter tool ? In this case, do I need to check everytime this header for each M2 file ? Friendly, Classic.
  3. @Alastor Strix'Efuartus, The axe M2 model is already converted with the Converter tool (Quoted in my first message). That's why I don't understand the issue here Friendly, Classic.
  4. @Alastor Strix'Efuartus, My goal is to replace an existing entry from the ItemDisplayInfo.dbc with a new M2 model. So the existing item from my DB which using this display entry will be automatically updated. Just overwrite the model of an item with BFA/Legion/WoD/Cata model (if it's easier to understand) Friendly, Classic.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new in the retro-porting process. I gathered informations to retro port a weapon model into my TrinityCore (WOTLK) 3.3.5a. My medias : patch-4.MPQ : This is my MPQ patch. : The original ObjectComponents extracted with CASCExplorer 1.0.136 ( I overwritted the ItemDisplayInfo.dbc into my "dbc" directory (TrinityCore server) to match the MPQ's one. (Edited line : 31302) The M2 file was converted with At the end of the process and cache deleted, nothing change in game. Any advice or help would be appreciated ! Thank you for your time ! Friendly, Classic. patch-4.MPQ