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  1. I think i converted what i need. What is the process to add them to spell.dbc? Do i need to add them in a custom patch.mpq and then create an id for them in spell.dbc?
  2. From what i saw the multiconverter from site is for legion to wotlk. I need one fro MoP to wotlk
  3. I am trying to convert them but idk at What multiconvertor are u refering to. The one from site doesnt convert my m2 file.
  4. Can that converter, convert the mop dbc files to wotlk dbc files? Or it needs other format of files?
  5. I want to do them myself so i can learn and do other things but i'm stuck at downport part.
  6. I am new to modding and i am trying to port mop legendary cloak effects to wotlk. I looked on many sites and watch videos on how to do this but i couldnt find anything that can help me out. Can someone guide me on what programs should i use and the stepps i need, to accomplish this?