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  1. LOL we cant see anything in 1sec video, you know you can show the real item, how it looks and your looks at least a picture dude!
  2. creaturedisplayinfoextra should do the trick, but you need to edit the blp file from that NPC
  3. Im pretty sure you just need to add that on db
  4. true, images to show the change on some goblin npcs done. No time for a video
  5. Yes I did this knowing I had to end up editing almost 1000 lines 1 by 1 same with textures but Im happy how it end up every model has his own hair/texture/earings/facetype etc , to match the same used on next expansions wotlk just uses 1, so its not only a replace model
  6. Find the necromancer "skin" from the npc you like, then edit 1 skin from humans, all of that should be easy to do in PS since im working on something similar I can give you a quick example, if u already know something this should be easy in this case, Im taking Orc skin03, so I just create a new one the way I wanted this new one to look , and your good to go! You can guide yourself from retail or just old ones
  7. thats cause those arent skins, just textures for npcs all in 1 texture
  8. trixi2

    Help to Fix

    just retroport mop or upper human male model (in this case), wotlk doesnt have belt attachment add waist into spell dbcs spell spellvisual spellvisualeffectname spellvisualkit spellvisualkitmodelattach then readd the textures into the model What expansion gear is that? Looks cool
  9. Hello, Im new here, asking if a good soul can provide the original files from this allied races to work on them and port them to wotlk 3.3.5 Im getting back to modding (thank you covid), and I want to start working on those new allied races to port them for 3.3.5 ( It would be awesome to port them all but Im not a big fan of the other allied races, but If u can provide those files too, would be awesome) I dont have a server, I dont care about creating a server for this races, I want them to play in any private server (3.3.5), with a morph option I already have Worgen,Pandaren,Goblin working like morphs for 3.3.5 (male/female) with all animations working etc, I did this back in 2013, and it waesnt finish, but I did finish them last month, and its been awesome playing with them but since im back playing I will start working on this new races, but I dont have the files from BFA/Legion, I tryed using CAS but fail. If a good soul, can give me the original files (model+textures) I will be more than happy! ¡¡ please!! And yes if I manage to port them successfully to 3.3.5 I will share the files with you, thanks PD: I use simplemorpher3 to morph into this races using my custom patch while playing, and I want to do the same with the new allied races,