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  1. Alright, I'll check it out, thanks
  2. Hey, I was hoping I could make myself a custom map of some custom zone in Photoshop. However, I am having difficulty in finding the necessary templates / assets that are used to make real wow maps, like the hills, the house, tent, or ruin stamps used for some settlements around the map, or even those cave map stamps used on wow maps to signify caves in those locations. Along with all of that, I am looking for the overall map outline template that was used in Legion, as in those fancy arcaney corner designs as are visible in the image attached below. I was hoping I could find someone who could redirect me to where I could get any, if not all of these things so I could make myself a custom wow map using the authentic map stamps. Alternatively, I could be interested in finding someone to do all this for me per my wishes. Thanks.