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  1. Do your systems include AddOn retroport stuff? Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to add you on Discord to ask there.
  2. I am seeking (and willing to pay for) additional support with various retroporting and custom projects for my 3.3.5 WoW server project. They are as follows: Character Customisation: To retroport the Shadowlands customisation options for the various races available on my server (including all WotLK races + worgen and goblins). Addon Backport: To retroport the Total Roleplay 3 Addon to 3.3.5, as I do not like Total Roleplay 1 and would much prefer the newest version of the addon. Extended Transmog System: A version of the transmog system that has been extended with additional functionality to allow any and all items to be hidden, or replaced with any quality item of the same item material. I'd also like the addition of the 'Cosmetic' item type, to allow items that can be transmogged regardless of the item to be transmogged's material. I am willing to negotiate on prices asked for, rather than set a hard limit on how much I am willing to pay, though my finances are a little tight, so payments may have to be made over multiple months for more expensive projects. Please contact me on Discord if you're interested in the jobs: Snowcraft#2525
  3. I would absolutely recommend. I've been working with Deathorous for a few months now, and have found him to be a more than reasonable price for his work. Relatively quick to see results, friendly, and always giving results, I've had little to no issue working with him on my server project. I've even learned a thing or two along the way. 9.5/10, would absolutely recommend. Only real issue I've ever had with him is time zones and not being clear enough with what I want on occasion (and he's always be quick to fix things when clarified).
  4. I'm looking to change the level at which new glyph slots open on my server, to match a level cap of 60. Does anyone know what needs to be edited to change the level requirements of glyph slots in the server's database and DBCs for TrinityCore?
  5. Open Azeroth is making some significant strides in how close it is to being in a playable state, but we're still in need of a way to generate new minimaps for our terrain edits. Does anyone know of a working tool that can create minimaps to match Blizzard's ones? Preferably we'd like to have the replacement minimaps working seamlessly, displaying terrain, water, and WMOs, but not the doodads in the world such as trees. It's one of the things we can't really call the project complete without, but our only current method using Noggit screenshots... not entirely favourable.
  6. The issue, I believe, is related to your graphics card. My laptop has the same issue with the patch, but my desktop doesn't, so my theory is that it's due to using an integrated graphics card, which the patch, for whatever reason, can't handle. I don't know any fixes for the problem though, besides changing graphics cards.
  7. I don't need the full Cataclysm maps - Open Azeroth is based on the Pre-Cataclysm map, though modified to include all the new terrain from Cata filling in previously blank and empty areas of the world. Some help on mapping for it would be appreciated though, especially with adding the maps of the new zones to the project.
  8. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to mind if I use your maps in my own interface work? I'm planning on running Open Azeroth on my own server and will be including map modifications to it for areas of the Old World that have been changed (like Gilneas), and I want to make sure my stuff plays nice with your stuff.
  9. Is there a way to remove the flight points appearing on the world map while using this?
  10. Hi there! I'm partaking in the Open Azeroth modding project, and am currently working on the graphical interface for the world map. The interface edits are done for the most part on the world map as a whole (not counting the individual continent maps) and the outline edits have been done. But there's an issue you might be able to spot in the attached file - each map outline no longer lines up with the continents themselves due to some unavoidable issues with the outline image files, and the new outlines. I need a way to make these line back up now though. Does anyone know what files handles where each continent outline is displayed?
  11. I found it. Although it wasn't any of those files in the end. Cataclysm is a absolute mess for folder use.
  12. So, I've started working on retroporting Uldum to Wrath of the Lich King. Most of the project has been rather successful; the terrain is in, the tileset works, most of the doodads and WMOs have spawned... but a few things remain that elude me - the biggest, and question of this thread is... where's the Titan-dammed dam that's supposed to be by Ramkahen?
  13. If you still need help, I already made nude textures for Leeviathan's patch, and can provide it for you.
  14. I need the .bone and .anim files from Warlords of Draenor to see if I can get a model working; unfortunately, I don't have a Warlords of Draenor client lying around anymore.
  15. I'm trying to use some WoD-Era model edits on my private server, with textures I've developed. Unfortunately, these model changes were intended for Retail Warlords of Draenor. Since Warlords of Draenor is no longer the current expansion, I can't extract its bones/animation files from a retail client. Does anybody know where I can get a WoD client with the animation files?