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  1. So, I've found a 7.3.5 server to play on. All I really want is to replace one of the default Night Elf female skins with that cool dark gray skin that was added in 9.0, but I can't seem to find anything to tell me how to do clientside edits. I've done model swaps and such for WotLK so I'm not a complete beginner and have the texture I want to use ready to go but, unless I'm being stupid or something I just can't seem to find any guides on how to do this with the Legion system, or even much about it in the first place. I saw some oblique references on ownedcore about being able to drop files in folders which sounds terribly convenient but no more than that. Thanks.
  2. I've found an existing edit to do it for me. Might as well consider this topic closed.
    Thank you SO MUCH for this pack! I tried my best to get the Skeletal Raptor downported myself, but could not manage it. All your hand work is a Godsend, it totally works now!
  3. Like I said... The Swift Riding Raptor animations are not located in the m2, because when I replaced the m2 with a different one the model still animated itself as if it was using Swift Riding Raptor animations. This means the animations are located elsewhere, perhaps in .anim files I cannot find. But you began this thread by stating that the Swift Riding Raptor has no .anim files. I am trying to find those files to change them.
  4. I just explained to you that the Swift Raptor animations are not baked into its M2, after you told me the Swift Raptor does not have any anim files. And now you say that if it is not part of the M2 it must have anim files. Which is it?
  5. Well, okay, but could you expand on that a little? There is still something somewhere that needs to be changed, seeing as the animations are not baked into the m2 as evidenced by my model replacement still animating itself like the original swift raptor while not having access to any skeletal raptor anims,
  6. Right, so to go along with my mummy troll skin, I wanted to replace a Swift Raptor with the Skeletal Raptor model. The thing is, I can't find the .anim files for the Swift Riding Raptors to replace them. I know there is a certain amount of data in the DBCs, but not all of it, surely? While knowing little about downporting, this is the monstrosity I was able to accomplish without the ability to add the right animations, lol: https://i.gyazo.com/0a13b987fd61f04c3ba8a6ded75d8248.mp4 A little concerned that animations aren't the only issue. I used the Legion-to-WotLK porter in the downloads section of this site, which brought it into a state where it is visible and my character can mount it, at least. One thing, though-- It did nothing to the .anim files. I assume this is because those files don't need to be converted?
  7. My 3.3.5 Male Gnome to Female Troll swap mostly works... Except for these two issues: 1. The ingame camera is still at gnome height. I've examined a few example swaps but I can't find where the value I need to change is, and the guide I used does not cover it. Any help? 2. Because the floor on the Gnome character creation screen is so high, I cannot see my troll's face to customize it. This makes troubleshooting difficult (I cannot discern why my troll's eyes are solid blue ingame). I've downloaded a few creation screen mods from the download section here, but none of them work with my 3.3.5 install. I've found the models themselves but don't know how to implement them. I assume it must be different than just dumping it in my data folders like the others.