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  1. This is what the WowModelViewer shows me.
  2. Hello. I watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UylFNceiCPQ&t=2465s. This video shows the porting items from BFA to LK. I did everything as in the video. Received m2 and anim files of items , put them in MPQ. Creating strings in Spell, SpellVisualName, SpellVisualKit, SpellVisualKitModelAttach. How can I replace the added items with items that are already in the game?
  3. Hello. Can you please tell me how to replace items (boots, legs, gloves, bracers, chest, belt) with items that are already in the client? I don't understand how to find mdx files of items that are already in the client.
  4. Please help with retroporting items from the set https://ru.wowhead.com/transmog-set=2249/dreadwyrm-battleplate-mythic-recolor I can easily retroport the helmet and shoulder's because they have m2, anim and BLP files, and are not tied to the geogrid of the character model. What do I need to do in order to transfer the rest of the items from the set that are tied to the character's geogrid? Do I have to combine item and character models from WOTLK in Blender?
  5. Please tell me the procedure required to transfer this set of items to the client 3.3.5 and replace them with items that are already in the client.
  6. lexinvers

    Help to Fix

    I'm also trying to transfer this set of objects to myself. If suddenly you succeed in doing everything correctly, can you write how you did it? Also, nowhere can I find a guide on how to transfer everything correctly.
  7. Hello. I extracted the m2, anim, blp files from the BFA (objectcomponents) add-on (helmet and shoulders), fixed the m2 file via MultiConverter 3.1.1 and replaced a couple of items in the LK client with these files. The replacement has taken place, everything works fine. But what about the rest of the stuff? Belt, bracers, mittens, boots, legs? These items do not have m2 and anim files in the "objectcomponents" folder. There are only BLP files in the texturecomponents folder. How to transfer the rest of the items from the BFA add-on to the LC client? How to understand which m2 and anim files are these items referring to?