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  1. Honestly, that's out of my scope of knowlege. I'm still in procces of figuring out how to properly import some of new armour to wotlk. I beleave importing the character models would be even more difficult. So no help from me with this. Sorry
  2. All green skin issues, as far as I understand are connected with wrong blp format. Try this patch for Night Elf females for test. It is fully working. If it DOES work for you then it's file format problem. If it doesn't then there is something else. patch-x.MPQ
  3. Ok, I think I can help with this one. First you need WoD character models for 3.3.5. They are the same models used in BFA. Next use photoshop script from downloads part of this site, that converts skin textures to 3.3.5 layout. Save them in correct blp format (indexed). Then create transparent .blp for underwear, name them accordingly and make sure they are also in an indexed format with an alpha channel. Then you're done, build an mpq file and you are ready to go. P.S: also make sure to remove "HD" from texure names.