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  1. ty! this site is down aswell any alternatives?
  2. I absolutely love the Darkness mod, but it kinda throws me off that lanterns and other lights don't actually produce light, for example when walking through stormwind at night. I tried fiddling with Noggit and looking through items to find a light source and I was going to go through every light in the game to add it, but there aren't any pure light sources as far as I could see, only hatches and such. I though about getting the indoor lighting files, but then I realised that they actually skillfully painted interiors brighter to simulate light (and cut down proccesing cost I suppose). Anyways, I was thinking an easier way to do it could be to edit the lantern/torch/streetlight and so on items to have a light in style of the torches and lanterns you can equip, trouble is I have 0 experience in modding wow (getting noggit to run was hard enough haha) so editing items is kind of out of my reach. Hope someone will take their time for this or tell me how I can do this!
  3. Okay, just to make sure I get it, if I download a wotlk client, I can open noggit and do some work and export it as a MPQ and then use it np in 1.12?
  4. Someone on reddit said to use the 3.3.5 version of noggit for 1.12 because it's better than the old one, but I can't for the life of me get it to recognize my WoW folder. Is this an urban legend or something?