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  1. Your help has been great, I'll follow your example with the other races' textures I need - I'm sure I'll figure out how to downport these models eventually.
  2. That did work. I will follow your format for the rest, I think I understand now. About the m2 file and the ASP.NET Skin files; Would the MultiConverter work to add it to the MPQ? I gave it a go and end up with crashes, unfortunately. Edit: I suppose I didn't make it clear - in addition to a skin texture, it is also a model edit that I would like to retro-port.
  3. Thank you for the advice, however I'm still turning up green skinned characters.
  4. I guess i got them in the right format, because now i experience crashes. Can you post the link for leviathans models? Found Leviathans models, but they are WoD. I believe the WoD models won't work with the skins from Darknest, as they're 8.x. Suppose I'll need to downport if that's even possible
  5. Greetings, Since I am extremely inexperienced, I'm searching for someone willing to make the files in patch-Z.MPQ compatible with the model changes in patch-X. -> Please shoot me a PM if you're interested in helping.
  6. Is there a guide on how to do this?
  7. Greetings, I'm trying to downport retail nude skins from Darknest to 3.3.5 with usage of the HD skin .MPQ that I downlaoded from this site. I end up with green bodies on my characters. Would someone more experienced with downporting take a look at my MPQ files from Darknest and see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! My data folder is here, patch-Z contains the files from Darknest: patch-z.mpq