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  1. Hey. We are searching scripts C++ for TrinityCore Legion/BfA updated for our RP spanish server Some scripts we need are: - Phasing System for players (as Epsilon o RPHeaven) (http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?214779-Recoded-C-TrinityCore-PhasingSystem&highlight=.phase+create) - Modify some addon for RP (Lua and XML) - Player housing - Build system - Others... The Phasing System is very important. We can buy for each script. If u are interested, u can contact with me for PM or Discord: Darkkang#9901 Thanks
  2. Some times give one error, but if you enter again must work, if you did all well. Try delete .wdt, .tex, wdl, _ocg, etc files and you must put .adt only and try again.
  3. Oh, if you make one guide, I'll be happy It can help me. When I said entering the app I wont to say make rebuild in the browser and after change the CDN for it work. I've 400/500 http error. Sorry for my english and thanks ^^
  4. Hii, thanks for sharing. But I want put it in Ubuntu, because I think CascHost must be in one public server for put on the CDN online, no? I did dotnet build and dotnet run and it is working, but I can't enter to app from my browser Why? Thanks
  5. Nothing? Sorry for insist, but the problem not fixed yet
  6. Nothing? Sorry for insist, but the problem not fixed yet
  7. Ok thanks, but it appear the same error. In hosting.json and appsetting.json must I modify localhost? how? Is wrong? Thanks
  8. Now I fix it, but i've other error. I've this files: Nothing... Down the attached img. I tryed all... IP adress:port/rebuild/password and I obtain 404 error. I enter with my browser and show me this "info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Internal.WebHost[1] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET http://ks309388.kimsufi.com:5100/rebuild" each time I enter into. I tryed open ports for this ip and disable firewall. Some idea? Thanks Sorry for my english.
  9. Now I fix it, but i've other error. I've this files: What is the fix?
  10. ¡Thanks! I just tried... Is it well done? When I replaced http://trinity.github... I don't see all the url, I only see a part. What is the solution? Thanks
  11. Hey, I'm sorry for be insistent, but I've days try CascHost but there aren't guides about it. I've compile the program in ubuntu, but I've two problems. 1. I need modify the WoW.exe. What program I need for this? 010editor? IDA Pro? And how edit the CDN for the mine? I think not be one ip, or yes? 2. When I did dotnet run, my build.info is missing, but I've my build.info into wwwroot/Systemfiles and not read it. How can fix it? must I modify the build.info for my build? My build is 7.2.5 24742 I need it for can parse models, maps and others from 7.3.5 and BfA to 7.2.5. Perhaps if it work, I can share us files and make one guide. Thanks!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Credits and descriptions in the post quoted. Adt Converter to Legion.rar