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  1. Hey, I've seen alot of retroporting of spellanimation and i was wondering if it was possible to retroport spellcast animations aswell? the spellcasting animation i wanna retroport is the shaman casting animations from legion when you equipped the elemental artifact where you have your shield and your weapon unsheathed while casting. and also the 7.3 animations 7.3 elemental spellcast animation:
  2. Anyone recognize theese weapons and know how or where i can find the itemid and displayid ?
  3. So i'm swapping some spells using MyWarcraftStudio and DBCeditor and i get the spellswapping to work, but i have trouble getting enchanting visual swapping to work. In the Spell dbc i see that all the enchants have the same "132" visual id, i tried looking in "ItemVisualEffect" and "SpellItemEnchantment" aswell but i have no luck in locating where i need to change. I've searched relentlesly online for any guide for enchant swapping but i only find spellswapping and that's where it staggers. Any help or tips would be appriciated
  4. I was wondering if there is any way for 3.3.5 client side to make it so the Moonkin for and Tree form will have the same effect as if you glyphed it in later patches. I want make it so when i go tree form or moonkin form that i don't change into the tree or the lazer chicken i simply want it to show my character with gear on even tho im in the respective forms. Any answer or link to threads where this is explained or figured out is highly appriciated!
  5. Hei looking for someone that can retroport some gear sets and weps from Cata, MoP and Legion to 3.3.5.