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  1. I'm trying to get newly-made characters to automatically begin in a guild based on their class. I'm using the latest TrinityCore (lots of mods) for 3.3.5a. I've set things up so that a database rebuild always contains a 'background' premade account containing premade Guild Master characters for each required guild (#1 to #8 - I only have 8 classes in my 'thing'). So, the needed guilds always exist and always contain Guild Masters. I've got that far at least. The idea is, if you roll a Paladin (for example) which is class 2, your new character automatically becomes a rank 0 (initiate) member of guild #2. Not that this matters, but I've deactivated the guild-related commands that players can normally use, so a player can never leave the guild he/she starts in. This works fine. My issue is with the coding for the automatic part, which I just can't figure out. I know a lot of devs have made auto-guild adjustments, but for the life of me I can't find any code to look at or botch. I'm guessing the bulk of the changes would need to be made to player.cpp. Does anyone have a quick solution or can copy/paste something that does the trick (even if not quite the same way I intend to do it). Please don't link to anything, as my access to websites is limited (China's Great Firewall sucks). With that, I can botch things with a bit of experimentation - I'm not a great coder by any means, but can usually figure things out from working examples. Thanks in advance if you can help! Scy
  2. Yep, and I've doubled checked everything. I can't see any reason why this won't work. I've botch-solved it though, by making a custom spell which teaches the initial spells and firing it off when the new character spawns. Fortunately, they drop into the action bar where I wanted them to go anyway. It works, but doesn't explain why it never happened normally in the first place...
  3. Apologies for asking what must be a common question. I am unable to use Google or similar to search for answers and even the search function on these forums is problematic (I'm living in China, and such things are blocked). I have set up a new race/class combination on a fresh TrinityCore 3.3.5a build (Night Elf Mage). As far as I know, everything is perfectly correct in the ChrClasses, ChrRaces, CharBaseInfo, SkillLine, SkillLineAbility, SkillRaceClassInfo DBCs and in the server database (playercreateinfo, playercreateinfo_skills, player_levelstats, player_classlevelstats and playercreateinfo_action). I can create a Night Elf mage character fine, no issues or warnings, and the character has all the necessary class skills, weapon skills, armour proficiencies, language etc. Stats are correct. No start gear yet, but I know what to do there. The issue is that no spells placed into playercreateinfo_action appear on a new Night Elf Mage's actions bars. This is specific to that race/class combo, all others are fine. Should have, for example, fireball, ice armour and shadowmeld - but nothing ever appears. New spells get learned fine and go to the right places in the spell slots, as do talents. So what the hell am I missing? Annoyingly, I did a similar thing a few years back and don't remember there being an issue. Has TrinityCore somehow buried a section deep in its code to check (outside of the DBC and server data) the combinations? If so, where? I can't find it. If not, is this a client check? Or, more likely, am I forgetting something really obvious... Please help if you're there! This is driving me bonkers. Thanks Scy
  4. Fixed. Had not updated the server DBCs in addition to the client's. My bad.
  5. I'm working on a customisation in which only humans and night elves are playable as characters (3.3.5a). Everything is great, except the character creation interface insists on sometimes spawning an unused race when you enter it (e.g. an orc, a tauren, a dwarf, etc.). That race then has no available classes, since none are defined in the DBC files any more. The interface should only spawn random humans and night elves. Having played with every DBC and glue file, I just cannot fathom what controls this random spawn. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance Scy
  6. Hmm, I was hoping for a hex-edit in 010. Blender hasn't worked for me for a year or so now, since 'upgrading' my PC... Maybe I can install blender on another machine and try this route. Thanks for the suggestion. Edit - nailed it. Worked like a charm, my thanks to you Ohai. Now need to remove the poor drowning crew from the database...
  7. 3.3.5a. I'm trying to remove the icebreaker, the Assurance from SW docks. So far, I've managed to remove the icebreakers in the shipyards by massaging their z-plane values in their ADT, but the Assurance is baked into a large WMO - SW_harbor_docks.wmo. In Noggit, the ship cannot be separated from the rest of the docks, although it kind of highlights as if it might. Does anybody have any idea how I split the ship from the WMO it inhabits and move it out of sight or remove it altogether? This is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Scy
  8. Alas, this download seems to be problematic. I can get to 39%, then it either halts or finishes with an unreadable file. Does anybody have a working copy they could upload? Thanks Scy
  9. First step - Ban characters from Orgrimmar and Silvermoon. Next - Allow artefact weapons in schools. Then - Re-write lore with Alternative Facts. Finally - molest all Draenei females.