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  1. Camera Height is given in part by the model(m2) and in part for the numeric data in CREATUREMODELDATA.DBC corresponding to the entry for the original Gnome model. so basically you would need to edit the DBC file in order to fix that part, but im not sure if it will work because the client and the server both would need that dbc correction. I would copy the female troll entry and paste it with the gnome male entry number. keep the gnome entry intact, just add 000 to the entry number and you would have it there for reference or to restore ir if this does'nt work. something that might help you see the character face could be changing the game screen resolution to a not wide screen setting, like 800x600 , 720x576, 1280x960 as the screen is going to be "taller" and you should be able yo see the characters face i hope someone more capable might be able to guide you on this. good luck buddy.
  2. So then, how many skel files there are per model? One? or a bunch corresponding to different things? How exactly do i use this .skeltemplate? I've downloaded many 8.0 models and succesfully convert them to WOTLK but animations arent playing though the .anim files are there.
  3. Monoman

    PopoCraft Xocolatl Orcs

    Some pictures of the Xocolatl and their things, some new buildings and textures. I replaced the orc model with this one, based on the nightelf male, a while a go and since then we've been using it and elaborating lore on it. Of course, nothing in Popocraft is related to blizzard story, we just use the game as platform to make a different world. is a private server and nothing have been made to earn money in any way. Xocolatl orcs are one of the 3 variation's of orcs, being the other two, the Lasythean orcs (black) and the Joseong orcs (green), there are white orcs but those occur due to a genetical oddity an they are not cultural variation.
  4. Monoman


    Cool, i'm glad to know it wasn't too late to answer .
  5. Monoman


    hi, i like your idea a lot some things that could help are changing the skybox, the lost isles sky would be rather nice as it is already for a tropical area and have this cotton candy cloud look of a tropical area at the same time that have a clear sky. Objects that fit the theme, other thing that could be useful is using some decorative objects like sholazar plants or the same lost isles objects. One very important thing is finding the right objects, tropical places are different and have different vegetation, so would be ideal that you choose only those that could get closer to the reference (there is no need to use them all at once) Color match, the color of the plants is important as should fit, more or less, the color of the grass. Warmer areas have more yellow saturated colors and cooler areas have more of a blueish tint. The reference picture is going more for the blues in the vegetation than yellow. Palm trees like from uldum have 3 variations yellow, whitered green and bright green. i would use only the bright green ones if am going to keep them as they fit that cooler colors of your reference image. the rocks here are nice but in a coastal area moss growth would be hindered by salt water and direct exposition to light so, though they seem to feet in the color degradation, they look a bit off. maybe sholazar_rocka_dark.m2 ? is difficult to find something exactly like you want unless of course you make it. I know this post is from a while ago but if you are still around i hope could be useful to you.
  6. hohoho n////n im flattered, thank you very much Krysík. I've been working for a lot of time on these places and is really nice to hear people like them. Thanks!
  7. Monoman


    how did you made those road curbs
  8. Monoman

    Popocraft Megara University

    These are the images of the Megara University (Mu)
  9. Monoman


    Some photos from my server and the things i've built over the years
  10. Well, after a lot of work, and tinkering nothing happenedm and i could not resolve the issue. However i wanted to thank you for your support on the matter and the time for answering. I will try an up to date server now and start over. maybe all this mess was for the better. Again, Thank you Razmataz Monoman.
  11. Hey again Raz, i did as you told me to, and executed the command check. It returned the Output Status: OK and checked the loot flags and seem to be in the right order also i applied the checking command to gameobject_template and returned OK too so, could it be that the problem is elsewhere?
  12. I can try that, but repair how exactly? importing a clean gameobject_loot_template table maybe? or changing something on it? I have QUICE as my database editor and sqlyog. Quice so far recognize everything in the gameobject_loot_template table even the latest loot entries as it is exactly the same table than in my original server. I copied the entire folder containing all databases when i baked up before upgrading. though I'have already tried with a clean installation of the server using the original tables that came with the repack but that didn't work either. A clean server install had the same "gameobject loot bug".
  13. It is a repack, i just downloaded the whole thing some 5 to 6 years ago. The thing that bugs me is why it' didn't happen when the server was mounted on Xp but it does now that i have Win7. The server report does not show any errors when someone get the loot stuck problem. Latency problems might be a reason, though the rest of the loot tables seem to have no issues at all. Finally, what do you mean with OPcode problems?
  14. Hellow, i have a really odd problem, any pointers will be apreciated. I upgraded my old, still functional xp os, to windows 7 and mounted my server again on the new machine, everything works fine with it but now my characters can't loot from gameobjects anymore, they kneel but no loot window pops up, and they get bugged in kneeling down position after they move away. I had only encountered this bug inside instances before, but not in the general world. So far, i have changed mysql server from 5.0 to 5.1, i've tried to install a clean version of the mangos database, install another version of the database with another table set, and using the back up mangos database from the server. All of them had the same issue. So i imagine that the database is not the problem here... but so far can't figure out what is causing this. I have a very old YTDB_0.11.2_R541_MaNGOS_R9651_SD2_R1660_ACID_R304_RuDB_R37.4 and i have worked on it for at least 5 to 6 years and so far i haven't had issues with it. Besides that all other tipes of looting are still functional, skinning, creature mining and herbgathering and looteable items. Again thank's for your answers.
  15. Salut , je suis en train de télécharger le patch , mais il échoue toujours après un certain temps , je l'ai essayé à plusieurs reprises et dans différents mois maintenant et le problème semble persister. Je me demandais si vous pouviez télécharger ce patch à un autre site d'hébergement de fichiers. Im vraiment intéressé par les modèles et je serai très heureux si je pouvais les avoir. Merci beaucoup pour votre temps. Monoman . ps : J'ai traduit cela avec Google Translate , je l'espère , il traduit l' intention d'origine du message .