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  1. well the title sums it all up, is there any exporter..? i tried to find anything about the new legion 000 files, but nothing was found in internet .. i need them for a work around through spotilights zbrush, well, looking forward for your answers
  2. oh btw i found this one but it is in early stage https://marlam.in/obj/#download
  3. 1st of all thank you for your reply.. well i ve been learning maya as a hobbysit from 2010 .. and i dnt like to switch to blender i ve tried it , tested it, and i find its UI very bad, like worse than modo or 3ds max or 4d.. anyways back to the point you said " So, you need to make at least floors (and walls as well) out of terrain in Noggit and make ceiling and final decorations out of M2s (and that would be done in Noggit and there would be absolutely no point of any export to Maya, " , but as i recall noggits cursos is flat horizontal only, it doesnt dig into the terrain when it is heightened or am i missing smthg about noggit..? and lastly i want to be able to export the final custom map made in noggit in maya for machinima purposes only as an obj.. is this even possible somehow.? if current tools about wow modding arent in that phase yet, i have to know before i waste time for no reason.
  4. Hey guys i am new to modcraft, i found the guide very good and explanatory, but i still have a question, that i believe the guides dont clarify it... 1) i want to modify maps made in noggit, import into maya (for making caves for example) and then reimport to noggit so that i can texture the map in noggit, then after i textured it and imported some .m2, i want to reimport to maya for rest.. do you know any tutorials on how to do these steps ..? and if yes can you link them to me on this post.? (i want to use them on external program as maya for machinima creation) google is not my friend at my question and i dnt know how to clarify it else, without asking.. thanx in advance for your answers and happy new year..
  5. am i true to this, or i just lack the knowledge to modify the caves? do i have somehow i mean to export the map to maya, modify there and reimport to noggit for texturing..?
  6. yes but even if i add caves i wont be able to modify them to my liking.. this is the main problem of just adding models
  7. any link of a totorial in your mind? i would be grateful
  8. How is it possible to create caves in noggit , anyone knows or can think any other way??
  9. about step 1 part 4, the naming of each slices, it might be not that much, but you can edit each shell by double clicking on it, you dnt need to right click each shell and name , just double left click each shell, you win some seconds nothing more, and you dnt feel tis that tedious of work
  10. i understand what you are trying to say, after all its your precious time.. i really do, i just cant fking understand how you people learned this stuff, because till 6 years before all i knew was how to play games, and even now i feel with all these things i discover that i am still in the same spot.. having moved at all
  11. well to sum things up... i understand what you are trying to say at the quote, and i am really not reading with hard feelings.. But the post that i read was from "skarn" i think who was actually saying why wow modding dies.. I think this was the major topic on his thread and the solution was creating another website with better standing (i hope my english are not that bad). Well i truly think you are right when you said " if it works and isn't broken... don't fix that... " but the truth is, that even the links are dead, i am trying to learn from both sites for example Futa=taliis (or smthg like that, i wont check it right now) , and both sites dnt actually explain. They say do this, then do that.. then do these... Dude i ve been learning Maya all these years, and even though i am on really good lvl, still there are things that i forget or dont even had my mind think like that.. and maya its a tool with a VAST learning area.. God its not that i am retarded or smthg..!!! And lastly when i said there is no organisation in the forum, i meant that everyone like everyone made a tutorial or smthg, regardless of whether is difficult or not, regardless of whether its the step that you need to move to.. , and noone checks it to change title or smthg so that it can be more organized and usefull to the audience... And this one is last i promise ^^, I wanted to see as beginners tutorial and intermediate and etc smthg like a) how to make your own custom map with blizz continent (there is a tutorial with creating your own map, but it JUMPS from here to there like a grosshoper) b) after , how to make your own custom map with continent from scratch. then go to Coding , or smthg that is needed as 2nd step, and lnik books or smthg from the internet.. i dnt expect to waste your precious ours of your life to teach me, you are not a saint and also you are not getting paid for this. But if you want to be in a forum with more than 10 people that actual understand modding , you should help them to be more organized.. AND GOD some must Links are not working..!!!!!!!!!! and trust me, 1st i try google and then i post a question ^^
  12. Well i think the title sums it up. I ve been learning Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop for the last 6 years.. I know their community is big and they have tons of tutorials, but wow modding isnt exactly that lacking on tutorials. Nothing is up to date, files dont have the proper test subfolders, and there isnt a true followup of how to learn things. I cant understand how do people learned this without prior experience. Almost every tutorial is outdated or it hasnt the proper test files. I am writting this cause i once read a post about wow modding site isnt good enough.. But as i see , both sites have their problems, nothing is organized it is just simply put in another site... Anywayz i find wow modding smthg like archaeology, you have to discover everything by yourself... i truly dnt believe someone that just joined wow modding scene can ever learn things, and its pitty cause i was fking fired up.