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  1. A majority of zones from my project were made from Morvill, out of all the noggit developers i ever had Morvill was the most reliable. When he accepts a project he works on it non stop until it is complete, out of the handful of zones he did for me I never had to wait more then 2 weeks for completion. He asks lots of questions and tries to ensure he makes your vision of the zone/area come to life. Great work!
  2. Hey Everyone, For the past 3-4 days i have done all the necessary core, dbc, and interface edits in order to add a the Nightborne race into my server. The last thing i needed to do was actually convert the Nightborne model to WOTLK. Normally, this would be pretty easy since Adspartan's model converter has never errored on me before or not worked. In patch 7.3.5 when they released the Nightborne race blizzard changed the way race files are stored and handled. As far as i'm aware things like bone structure, animations and so on are not kept in .skel files and Adspartan's converter does not work on models with .skel files. Since my knowledge regarding anything model related is very minimal and seeing that there is not a lot of information on community sites that talk about how to get .skel files working for patch 3.3.5 I was hoping i can commission someone to get the already existing model working in WOTLK for me. I don't know much about model editing or the work it requires but i'm willing to offer 30-50 USD for anyone who is able make the Nightborne race work in 3.3.5. If you are interested please send me a message or add me on discord (Peacy#7989) so we can further discuses pricing and model related stuff. Thanks so much, Peacy!
  3. Hello all, My name is Peacy and myself along with 4 other coders are creating a custom blizlike quality server. This server has been straining us for quite some time but with each passing day we are nearing ever closer to completion! We are in need of Noggit zone developers. The zones we currently need to be done are Thousand Needles, Stranglethorn, and Westfall. This will be a paid position, and we appreciate our Noggit developers. If you are interested in making a zone for us please message me back here or contact me on skype (Priestchick). Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I'm currently working on a project and I'm in need of someone who is good with noggit! If thats you please message me here or add me on skype Priestchick! Will pay well for anyone who thinks they can produce good work! Thanks!
  5. Still looking for someone to help do this! Paying!
  6. Hey all, So I wanted to add paragon talents people could spec in after reaching max level in WOTLK. Paragon point would be obtained through doing things throughout the game. I tried adding a tab/spec in the current talent system but players were able to spend there paragon points in the default trees such as holy or ret. I want to make a spitting image of the current talent system but have it so It runs off of different points then the ones players get while leveling. I'm willing to pay, If you are interested please message me! I don't care if its done through Eluna AIO, the core. Whatever works. Thanks!
  7. I have been trying to edit these runes for a while now but still not luck. I have located the problem but I don't know lua well enough to fix it. If anyone is willing to add me on skype and help I will be more then happy to pay! Skype: Priestchick Thanks!!
  8. Tested the spell_bonus_data table, it doesn't seem to effect anything no matter how much attack power I have. it still does the same damage! spell power still increases the damage of the spell!
  9. Hey I have a question for anyone who may know (and yes I already tried googling), I have a shadow nova type spell in the game and right now the more spell power have the more damage the spells does. What would I need to do in order to make the spell do more damage based on your strength or attack power instead of spell power. I'm using stoneharrys spell editor and I tried changing the damage school and type for physical from magic but nothing changes. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am currently working on a zone battle script and I am wondering how to make icons appear on the world map. In normal battlegrounds if Alliance control a base and you open up your map you will see a blue icon of the stables, farm, or w/e the base is they own. Does anyone know how I can make objects like these appear on my map? Here are some examples, Thanks!
  11. Hey all, So i have recently started scripting my own bg where players work to capture PvP towers by standing on them, however, at first i though my bg didnt work but the capturing bar just doesn't show. Its not only that it doesnt show in my BG but it doesnt show in the plaguelands pvp, shatt pvp, or even hellfire tower pvp. Here is an example, As you can see in this image normally there should be a bar on the right side of the screen that allows me to see my capture progress on this objective. However, that does not appear, if I stand here for a while though this happens, As you can see i captured the objective based on what was said in chat and the world state updated. I don't understand why i cant see the capture bar. Thanks!!
  12. I am editing the Death Knight Starting zone map! I literally moved a tent and checked to see how it looked in game! Upon logging in i was greeted with this, Whats in this picture? 1) My character is all the way on the ground with the tree and yet my camera is in africa. 2) The game is now droping my fps from like 100 to 15 or so and I'm getting this addon error message....and i only have one addon thats fine normally. Any thoughts on what can be done? Thanks!
  13. Peacy

    WMO Issue

    I converted some WMOS, however, when I zone in game I crash. I double checked to ensure they were converted correctly and that they had all the m2s attached to them. I'm even able to see the WMO when I open it in wowmodelviewer. An odd thing about the crash is that it occurs if I get really close to the wmo or if I hover my mouse over it (regardless of distance). Does anyone happen to know what is going on and what I can do to fix this problem? Thanks!
  14. Yeah, looking closer at the documentation I noticedthat the areabit can't be above 4095 so I'm going to change it and recompile maps to see if that works.
  15. Hey guys so I just finished editing some WoW ADT's to fit with my servers story line. After I finished creating things I made a new area in my area.dbc file I then went into noggit and selected the Parent ID (Plaugelands [139]) then selected the Warded Gate, after doing so I began to paint the area I wanted. I then put this stuff into a patch and extracted maps, vmaps, and mmaps. After doing this I logged in game to see everything working fine! The only problem I have is this error when I get near the area I created (not the whole map just that area i painted in noggit) After hours of google searching I still wasn't able to find information regarding this error, normally I just follow what it says but I have no idea what 157 is or why it must be lower then 128??? Thanks!!!!