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  1. Hey guys, I introduce myself, I'm a 41 years old wow enthusiast and I played since vanilla. Sadly I witnessed the slow but steady decline of this beautiful MMORPG or should we say ... MMO? I admit that I have no experience in modding, modeling coding or whatsoever BUT I got a dream, more precisely a huge and ambitious idea. If it's possible I would really like that the expert community of this forum can answer my questions / points, quoting each step and telling me if is doable either theoretically or practically, that would be really nice of you. Premise. I got in mind a 3.3.5a Talent System as baseline and the realms would be centered in faction PVP outdoor with also Pve, but my idea was to create more dynamic between players reducing as much as it is possible Instanced things. 1. Is it possible to retro port Draenor ( of wod ofc) even empty and non-scripted with the entire NPC database of the last WoW patch? 2. Since I got in mind at least 3 new classes to add, is it possible to create a new class from scratch along with a 3.3.5a talent three? (already found all the spell for each one of those classes that "just" need to be scaled in damage or heal to the 3.3.5a) 3. I played Ultima on Line a lot in my life, and I was wondering if is possible to remake the factions in a more structured way like Horde really evil and brutal, Ally, well we know… and some other neutral factions creating with that a Good, Neutral, Chaotic/evil System that will give the player more identity in the form of action taken. This connects to number 4… 4. Is it possible to create a Criminal System like ESO? Or like UOL for the oldies. That if someone assassinates a neutral or an ally in an ally area will be flagged for N minutes ? 5. I think it is possible to limitate the class races combinations but I would like confirmation of that. I really am not a fan of Shaman for the ally thing and Paladin for the Horde and.... ...6. I would like to know if it is possible to retro port Shadowlands allied races and to place them in the Faction you want. Dark iron ally? And for TBC… Blood elves horde? PERSONALLY I do not like it. I'm someone that thinks that even Worgens should be neutrals and Dark Iron belong to the Horde. Anyway you understand what I mean I hope. And last but not least…, 7. That will connect everything like superglue: Is a scripted system of conquest territory with a timed spawn (like winter grasp for example) possible to implement in the open world as much as I want? Example, I always wanted a system that allow a faction to conquest a town or a major city or an outpost on a weekly/monthly base with rewards of course, that would incentivize the PVP outdoor for sure and will give also a more dynamic flavor to the world I think. Ofc course a little adjustment would need to be made like fly path … Only the one that are essential and ofc flying in azeroth and draenor forget it. Good old ground mount. I think is all that I can remember. I really thank you in advance for your enlightenment and patience In the last week I started to gather information on how to study all the necessary thing to at least try to chew some coding, let's see how it goes! Thank you again in advance and stay safe!!! X