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  1. That's file from 8.1.0 (BfA) version. 3.3.5a doesn't have even Blizzard GuildControlUI folder, so... Propably the dead end. Still searching.
  2. Still don't know where is that creepy value hidden. Any ideas? Could it be hardcoded in WoW.exe?
  3. Our work on better RolePlaying of Stromgarde army. Created some shoulders for differentiation military ranks. Privates got default shoulders without styling. Corporals and Sergeants - Red Stripe Lieutenants - Red and Black Stripes Captains - Red and Gold Stripes Got also the "darkest" version of this armor for Stromgarde elite forces. For compare with our casual Stromgarde army equipment.
  4. Hello, we are small team of modders, developing private RolePlaying servers. Ou stories are based every time on one simple location, becouse our community of RolePlayers is quite small and decent. Now we are working on new location and new story, the Stromgarde Reborn. Our story is somewhere between Wotlk and Cataclysm. Greymanes are still fighting worgens in their homeland, war in Northrend is over and Danath Trollbane returns from Outland to his beloved country and cousin Galen. With alliance hero and great general Danath at his side, prince Galen conquer the city of Stromgarde and defeat the Syndicate. Prince Galen, however, is not a good ruler. He is arrogant, inexperienced and has a passion for luxury. For wealth and his own pride he will do anything. And what happens when Danath Trollbane discovers the secret of King Thoras's death? Our map and modifications are still on begining, but we will post our progress. Showoff of our retexture work, on this picture is our city on very beggining.
  5. U can test it by comparing the M2 data in 010 editor with M2 template. Open the new one, open the original one and compare. I was doing it a long time ago (few years), but i'm sure, that M2 have some version cell, u should see. That version cell is propably overwrited by ObjToM2.exe to Wotlk value, which is wrong.
  6. Well, i'm definitely not expert on 3D editing, but I think that exactly that guide is the issue. Amaroth IMHO develop and make tutorials only for 3.3.5. By my opinion, u solve your problem with converting Wotlk M2 to Cataclysm M2. Maybe it's done a tool for it, maybe u have to do it by 010 editor and M2 template.
  7. Maybe it's the convertor issue? I mean, if u are using classic objtom2.exe, u are actually converting .obj to WOTLK .M2 In that case modelviewer could read that model, but game client would had a problem.
  8. So, now it works fine on the server side, but it's creepy on the client side. UI is still coded for some max rank limit, so... Do u have any idea, where is hidden the lua/xml code for edit this list in guild control? It's the last, cosmetic step. Ranks work fine, with every functionality as usually. After I solve that cosmetic issue, i will release all of my code changes and cosmetic patch. Maybe it's useful for some RP projects with large RolePlaying guilds (that's the reason why we are modding this). After that modifications, u can have guilds with 30 ranks and more.
  9. Solved, now we have to edit the UI.
  10. Hello! I'm working on increasing guild rank limitations, becouse default number of ranks (10) is very annoying and for some our guilds it's simple not enough. In Guild.h i changed: GUILD_RANKS_MAX_COUNT = 10, to GUILD_RANKS_MAX_COUNT = 20, It works, but after the server restart, all records in guild_rank DB table are erased and replaced with default 5 ranks. Propably it's becouse of "calculate guild limitations" process on the end of starting worldserver. On TrinityCore github they closed the issue, becouse it's client modifications. So... Dear Model Changing users, do u know, where is the column or value for that limit? Working on latest 3.3.5a TrinityCore.
  11. Hello, I recently compiled the Legion on TrinityCore 7.2.0 TDB. I'm trying to get to know the differences between Wotlk and WoD / Legion modding. The biggest surprise was the missing item_template DB table. Because the documentation is still not complete, do you have any idea how to edit the name, description or price of an item? I will be very grateful for any information, thanks.