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  1. Hello Model-Changing, I've been in the World of Warcraft Emulation scene for nearly a decade, 8 years to be exact. In this time, I've learned so much including developments in Lua scripting, SQL/database management, User Interface designing, server hosting and how they all connect. After many circumstances, I believe I've gained the ability to problem-solve based on my analyses. I would like to offer my WoW Emulation services, including client & server-side Lua, XML, SQL/Database, DBC, Noggit and patch content development, to those who are interested. In return, I ask for compensation for my time and utility. I'm flexible with my cost and I'm open to negotiation. You may view my portfolio here: And feel free to contact me via private message or Discord at: Deathorous#4066 Thank you, Deathorous. The following is work that I've done for people who've reached out. I will update this thread with further screenshots, videos and content over time. (My portfolio includes a longer list of my past work) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Deathlands" Login Screen by Deathorous A 3D Login Screen for 3.3.5. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heart of Azeroth UI by Deathorous A user interface that unlocks new spell slots to activate for players as they level and contains it's own points and rewards system. Heart of Azeroth "Info" tab. Provides information on the system and contains a unique level system that increases your Heart of Azeroth Level as you increase your Infernal Power points and reach the cap per level. Heart of Azeroth "Traits" tab. A system that allows the player to unlock spell activation slots as they level. Including 1 Major slot and 6 minor slots, you can drag spells from the right-side of the UI and place them into an available slot to activate the spell effects on your character. View full screen images here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obliterum Forge by Deathorous A replica of Obliterum Forge from retail on 3.3.5. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Playable Races by Deathorous Added more playable race options on 3.3.5. View full screen images here: